What Dog Gate Is Best For Me?

Deciding to buy a house is one of the biggest investments an individual can make. So when you do take that plunge and make the commitment, it probably means you understand how important it is that you treat your house with respect. However if you’re a dog owner, that job can be pretty tough without dog proofing your home. Certain rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, utility room, bedroom, and garage may need to be off limits for a dog. This dog proofing is necessary because those rooms could be hazardous to his health, your personal property, and the integrity of the house. The best way to dog proof your house is with a dog gate. Currently, there are different styles of dog gates on the market: a pressure mounted gate, a freestanding gate, and a hardware mounted gate. Because your home and your dog are so precious to you, it is important that you know the differences between these different gate styles.

Pressure Mounted Gates

The Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate is an effective way to block off certain areas of your house without any drilling.
If you have smaller dogs or areas that are not as dangerous, a pressure mounted gate is probably the best option to keep your dog out. Pressure mounted gates are wedged into place by the pressure its extendable framework applies against the doorframe and walls. Pressure mounted gates don’t require drilling and don’t alter the structure of your home. To slide it into place, just decompress the gate while you align it in the designated place. At that time, expand the pressure bar of the gate until it fits snugly and locks into place.

The Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate

The Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate is an ideal option for anybody that thinks a pressure mounted gate would be the best option. The Gateway is perfect for high traffic doorways and room openings. This gate is 29.5 inches tall and has a width that ranges from 29 to 37 inches. The Gateway is made from a heavy duty steel construction and comes in both black and white. The best feature about the Gateway (and any pressure mounted gate) is the versatility. The Gateway can be moved to different areas of the house to help you control your dog under any circumstance. If you are looking for a pressure mounted gate, the Gateway is a great option.

Hardware Mounted Gates

The Safeway is a hardware mounted gate that offers more strength and durability against escaping dogs.
Sometimes, security is the most important factor when choosing a dog gate. This security comes into play in dangerous, injury prone areas like the top of the stairs. Also, security may be important if there are hallways that must be restricted because you need your own personal sanctuary or if you have an infant that needs protection. For stronger support, a hardware mounted gate is the way to go. Hardware mounted gates require that you drill holes in your doorframe or into the studs behind the wall and then attach your gate with brackets and screws. Drilling your dog gate into the wall ensures that your gate will be able to withstand the pressure of your dog’s advancements. Even though some may worry that this will alter the structure of their home, there is nothing to worry about. You can always fill in the holes later on with wood putty and retouch with a minimal amount of paint.

The Safeway Wall Mounted Gate

The Safeway Wall Mounted Gate is a great option for anyone considering a hardware mounted gate. The Safeway is a swinging gate that is permanently mounted to the wall, which adds extra strength and security. The gate includes an exclusive directional feature that ensures that the gate only swings one way. This is particularly great for dog owners that want their gate at the top of the stairs and don’t want to worry that the gate will open up out over the staircase. Also adding to the strength, the Safeway is constructed from strong tubular steel and is covered with a non-toxic coating, ensuring safety for pets and children. The Safeway is the perfect option for any dog owner that wants extra security for the home and family that they’ve invested so much in.

If you have any further questions about dog gates, feel free to e-mail or call us at petstreetmall anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By Tim Snyder
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