6 Tips For Walking Your Dog

Getting out and walking your dog is an important part of being a dog owner. Dog walking is actually great on many different levels because:

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to discipline your dog.
  • It helps you get exercise.
  • It helps your dog get exercise, both physical and mental.
  • It helps dog owners and their pups bond and develop a relationship.
  • It helps owners keep their dog trained and well-behaved.

All of these things are great, but what if I was to tell you that everything could be enhanced even further by following a few tips?

Here are 6 tips that will make walking your dog the best experience possible.

1. Walk In Front Of Your Dog

It's important for dog owners to establish themselves as the leader during walks. In fact, dogs actually crave this leadership. The best way to do this is by walking in front of your dog. This strategy is also great for developing a disciplined, obedient dog.

2. Use a Shorter Leash

No, this isn't advice for your relationship with a significant other, just for walking your dog. By having a shorter leash, dog owners will be able to communicate with their dog better and hold more control. The truth is that dog's don't need longer leashes. This only gives them a lack of direction and gets them into trouble.

Never forget your pooper scooper!
3. Carry a Pooper Scooper

There is nothing worse than a dog owner that refuses to pick up after their pup. Dog waste is extremely toxic and has even been proven to be a cause of contaminating local water supplies. This subject has become so serious that many areas have even instituted laws about cleaning up after a dog.

4. Bring Water

This is especially important for dog owners that like to take their dogs out for longer walks or to go out running. Remember, taking your dog out is a great opportunity for exercise, but it is never smart to go without the proper supplies.

5. Allow Your Dog to Sniff Around

Allowing your dog to sniff around and explore is the best reward a dog can get. These designated spots should be determined by the owner. Also, it should be the owner who decides when it is time to move on. This is all part of making sure that your dog is well behaved.

Rewarding your dog with a meal will help motivate him to stay disciplined during his walk.

6. Feed and Pet Your Dog after His Walk

Giving your dog his food after his walk makes a statement that your dog has to work for his food. This helps drive home the point of discipline.

Petting your dog after his walk is a way to reward him for doing a good job and following all of the rules. It shows that you love him and appreciate his good behavior.

These tips are here to help ensure that you and your dog are having the best, happiest, and most productive walk possible.

By: Tim Snyder