Bundling Your Dog Up for the Winter

Just like humans, all dogs are different when it comes to the cold. In the same way a person from the Bahamas will get chilly in 60 degree weather and a Norwegian will think it's tropical, is how a short haired Chihuahua and a St. Bernard could be compared. Depending on how thick your dog's fur coat is will determine how well it can handle colder temperatures. In general, the thicker and oiler your dog's coat is, the less you need to worry about keeping them comfortable in colder climates.


If you have a short haired dog and live in an area that regularly drops below 50 degrees, you may want to think about a way to keep your pooch wagging its tail when there the frost starts to settle. These days there are dozens of different options to keep your dog cozy in the cold. Luckily, Pet Street Mall has put together a short list of the best ways to clothe Fido on his winter walks.



    • Muttluks: Your pet's paws are the only things that touch the ground on its walks, so it's important to protect them. During the winter months, things like frost and salted sidewalks can damage your pooch's paws. Muttluks are a warm way to keep your dog's paws safe.
    • Jogging Coats: If you live an area that gets pounded with icy weather, or if you just have a pooch that is a baby when it comes to the cold, a jogging coat could be the perfect Christmas present for Fido. These super warm coats cover your dog from leg to tail while letting them keep a full range of motion. These are perfect for snow days.


Other Cool Ways To Warm Up Your Pup

No one likes to be cold, and your dog is no different. Unfortunately, your dog can't tell you when the climate is not to its liking, so you need to look for signs that your dog isn't comfortable. Shivering, acting lethargic or a general moodiness could all be non-vocal signs that your dog needs to be warmed up.


Old, thick woolen blankets are a cheap and easy way to keep your dog from shivering. If you have a pooch that prefers hanging out in the doghouse rather than coming inside, be sure you have installed some kind of heating element to ensure that your dog doesn't freeze in the cooler months. Hound Heaters are a cheap way to keep your dog warm in its shelter.

I know when it's cold the only thing I feel like doing is bundling up with a cup of tea and watching a movie. However, it doesn't matter whether it is hot or cold, your pup will always need a decent amount of exercise. This is true for all dogs. Exercising, whether it is inside or outside, is a great way to keep warm up your pooch, and it also keeps them healthy. However, be sure not to work your too hard in wet weather, as it can quickly lead to a cold, or worse, hypothermia.

So, the next time your cheeks start getting a little a rosy and your teeth start to chatter, remember that Fido is feeling the same way, and he may not even have a jacket. By properly preparing your pooch for the winter months, you can make sure he spends more time wagging his tail and less time whining at the vet this year.

By Sean Bowes