A Glance At Kittywalk Systems Inc.

Since 2001 Kittywalk Systems INC. has made original outdoor cat enclosures products. The American owned and operated company has been featured in various newspaper articles and television shows. From the Wall Street Journal to The Today Show, it seems that everyone wants to know how KittyWalk became such a hit with the cat community.


How They Got Their Start
Jeff and Lise King, who live in New York State, never intended to become tycoons in the cat product business. In fact the married couple never even intended on being cat owners. As fate would have it, the Kings' daughter left for college and she wasn't allowed to keep her pet at her new place. The Kings were left with a cat that, on occasion, would scratch and claw at windows and doors to be let outside.

The Kings were concerned with allowing their new pet to be an "outdoor cat." Many cat owners are uneasy about letting a cat outside because of risks like traffic or predators.

However, the Kings' cat kept scratching and eventually Lise tried different solutions for their anxious kitty problem. Jeff even tried putting the cat out on the patio inside her cage, which made the cat upset. Eventually, Lise gathered some old fishing nets and paid a local welder to make some wickets to form their first version of their cat's Outdoor Penthouse.

KittyWalk Today
Today KittyWalk still handles their business out of New York. Jeff runs the company as the CEO and Lise is the president. Every year the company comes out with unique and innovative products for the cat community. Their products ship to thousands of homes in the United States, but they have also taken orders from Finland, China and the North Pole. According to the KittyWalk website (Kittywalk.com), Jeff and Lise have sent KittyWalk products overseas to Iraq where our troops have bases where cats and dogs have been adopted. And, the couple still tests out each of their ideas on their own pets at home.

"Our Ragdoll cats Carcher and Missuka continue to excel in testing each and every Kittywalk Product they encounter in the office and at home, as they seem to take their jobs in research and development very seriously," Says Lise King. "So far so good!"

It's not just the Kings' cats that are crazy about their products. KittyWalk products have been featured on TV shows such as The Morning Show, The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan, The View, National Geographic Network, and HGTV and in newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

KittyWalk Products

As we mentioned before, the first KittyWalk product to hit pet stores were a creation based on cat enclosures that mixed luxury with the freedom for cats to explore and enjoy nature. That first enclosure was so successful that more than 100,000 units have been sold around the world.

Besides the many different shapes and styles of KittyWalk's outdoor cat enclosures (which have themes that range from a Kabana Enclosure complete with hammocks to a TeePee Enclosure with different levels), there is also a full line of high-end cat strollers.

KittyWalk's cat strollers are purrrfect for pampered cats that would enjoy a walk in the park. The strollers come with different themes that look like they would be right at home during fashion week in Prague. The strollers are all completely enclosed with safety netting, but the netting is very visible and you're companions can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors, without all the fuss of leashes or harnesses.

KittyWalk also carries a line of indoor cat condos, "Breezy Beds" for dogs and other crafty inventions for our furry friends. And, as long as the King's still have pets, you can expect a few more products to hit shelves in the near future. According to Lise, they're excited to be releasing even more products soon, which can only mean more fun toys for our pets.

By Sean Bowes