When you take the flags away it's easy to forget an invisible dog fence is even there
An invisible pet fence' biggest asset is that - as its name implies - it is completely invisible. This is what makes it so appealing to people who don't want an ugly fence spoiling the view. But being invisible means it can quickly be forgotten about, and when people forget about the fence they forget to change the batteries in the receiver collar.


A dead battery means the fence will no longer contain your dog and if Fido decides to go for a wander you'll be faced with an empty yard as well as an empty battery... Remember to replace those batteries!

When to Replace Invisible Pet Fence Batteries
The rate at which you will need to replace the batteries in your invisible fence's receiver collar will vary according to how often your dog challenges the boundary; thus activating the collar and using battery life.

Purchasing a system that has a low battery warning light removes any guesswork and is highly recommended, but if your system doesn't have a warning indicator you'll have to remember to change or recharge the batteries yourself.

Determining Battery Lifespans

Rechargeable or replacement; today's batteries are long-life and compact
During the early stages of training with an invisible fence the dog will challenge the boundary a lot, which will cause the receiver collar battery to discharge very quickly. Experts recommend that disposable batteries are replaced every 3 weeks and rechargeable batteries are topped up every 48 hours during this period, and you'll need to continue doing so until the dog has learned to no longer challenge the boundary.


Once the dog has stopped challenging the fence the batteries will last much longer. The fence's manual will give the manufacturer's recommendations on battery recharge/replacement and PetStreetMall agrees that everyone should heed the manufacturers' requests. However, it is not uncommon for batteries to last beyond the manufacturers' guidelines and some people go longer between replacing or recharging batteries. Opinions vary but 1 month between recharges and 3 to 6 months for replacements is reasonable.


How do you remember when to change the batteries in a pet fence collar?
Tips & Tricks to Remember When to Replace Invisible Fence Batteries
Remembering to replace batteries while the dog is regularly challenging the fence:
  • 3 weeks isn't an easy cycle to remember. Go old school with a Post-It note on the fridge, or high tech with a reminder on your smartphone. (3 weeks)
Remembering to recharge batteries while the dog is regularly challenging the fence:
  • Recharge battery every day before or after you remove the receiver collar. (1 day)
Remembering to replace batteries once the dog no longer challenges the fence:
  • Replace battery every time you replace your A/C air filter. (3 months)
  • Replace battery every time you change your vehicle's oil. (4 months)
  • Replace battery every time you pay your bi-annual car insurance. (6 months)
Remembering to recharge batteries once the dog no longer challenges the fence:
  • Recharge battery on a particular day every month; first day, last day, birthday, etc. (1 month)
  • Recharge battery every time you pay your utility bill. (1 month)
By John Bone