Stairs Can Be Dangerous for Dogs - Use a Dog Gate

The 2,717 foot Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is located in Dubai. There are enough stairs in this building to make a dog's head spin.

In 1953, two climbers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to reach the 29,029 foot summit of Mount Everest. During their trip, they had to face the prospects of hurricanes (which are extremely prevalent at 27,000 feet), avalanches, and even death. Actually, 5% of people die in their attempts to climb Everest and most turn back in fear. For a dog, especially a puppy or an older dog, climbing your stairs may seem like climbing Mount Everest. The danger that your dog faces when he climbs household stairs is similar too! As a dog owner, it is important to protect yourself and your pup from these hazards by using a dog gate.

Stairs Can Be Dangerous for Dogs
Even though humans may view stairs as something easy to maneuver, this is not the case for some dogs. Wood and tile staircases can be extremely dangerous and hard to handle for dogs because there is a lack of grip available. Also, staircases with a steep incline are hazardous and hard to maneuver. For puppies, certain breeds of dogs, larger dogs, and older dogs, stairs can be quite dangerous.

  • As we've all seen before, puppies are cute and awkward in their movements. Due to this, it is important that they be kept from dangerous situations because their bones and growth plates are so fragile. It is recommended that a puppy doesn't start using the stairs until he is ten to twelve weeks old, and at that time, he should go through the proper training.
  • Dogs with longer backs like dachshunds, basset hounds, and corgis are at a high risk for spinal and disc injuries. The impact of moving up and down on the stairwell can cause further damage for these dogs because their bodies are not designed to handle the athleticism it takes to move through a flight of stairs.
  • Dachshunds have chronic back and spine problems. Climbing stairs only causes these problems to get worse.
  • Often times, larger dogs and older dogs suffer from hip dysplasia, which is a condition in which the leg bones are not smoothly and snugly fitting into the hip socket. This condition can cause your dog to limp around the house and be faced with a great deal of pain. Dogs suffering from this condition should avoid going up the stairs because when they move upwards they will be forced to put all of their weight on their hind legs and further irritate the condition.

As we all know, dogs have a curious nature and will climb the stairs even if their bodies are not capable. If your dog is not physically capable of climbing up and down the stairs, it is your job to protect him from his own nature. The best way to do this is by using a dog gate.

Puppies need to be trained to use the stairs, so they feel comfortable.

Stairs Can Be Dangerous for Owners
It is normal for a dog to get excited and run around, but this can be dangerous if he is going wild on the stairs. According to the Centers for Disease Control, falling over a dog or cat causes 86,629 visits to the emergency room every year. 88% of these cases are caused by dogs, and a number of incidents are related to injuries around the stairs. If you have an extremely energetic dog or a dog that always seems to get tangled in your feet, you should consider getting a dog gate for your staircase because falling down the stairs is a horrible prospect for anybody.

Train Your Dog
If you find it absolutely necessary that your dog use the stairs, it is important that you train him the proper way. Puppies should start training to use the stairs when they reach ten to twelve weeks old. At that time, they should be trained at a pace that the dog feels comfortable with; some puppies will take to the stairs faster than others. The best way to train a puppy to use the stairs is to encourage him with a treat or toy one step at a time. Eventually, he will become comfortable with the entire staircase, but that will take time. For grown puppies, it is important that they are disciplined when they use the stairs. They should be taught commands like STAY and COME, so they do not get tangled in an owner's feet when they are using the stairs.

This freestanding pet gate is one of the best pet gates available and will help to protect your dog from the dangers of the stairwell.
Use a Dog Gate
For many people, keeping the stairs off limits to a dog may be the smartest option, especially if you have an infant that needs space or you just want a private sanctuary. The best way to keep the stairs off limits is with the use of a pet gate. Pet gates are inexpensive and will provide years of functionality. Gates are extremely easy to install and also come in a wide variety of different options. At Pet Street Mall, we have gates that fold up, gates that slide out, gates that swing open, wooden gates, plastic gates, and everything in between. All of these gates are essential for owners that want to protect their pup from the dangers that can come from using the stairs.

If you have any further questions about dog gates, feel free to e-mail or call us at Pet Street Mall anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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