Keeping Older Cats Healthy with a Heated Bed

When a cat is 2, he's 21 in human years!

It's commonly believed cats age 7 years to our one. Well, this isn't exactly true. Actually, a one year old cat is the physical equivalent of a 15 year old. At two years old, the cat is equal to a 21 year old. From that point on, cats age 4 years for every 1 human year. So at 10, your cat would be 53. At 15, he would be 73.

Why Do Some Cats Live Longer Than Others?

If you talk to your friends and family, you may find that there seems to be a huge difference between the number of years their pet cats have lived. That's because a cat's life expectancy can be directly tied to the lifestyle that their owner provides. Like older humans, older cats have very sensitive immune systems and need special care. Some of the issues that they must deal with include:

  • Thinner and less elastic skin that is more prone to infection because of reduced blood circulation.
  • Arthritis and degenerative joint disease becomes more and more prominent with each year. This can make it hard for a cat to move and get exercise.
  • Aging brings upon changes in the eyes and vision, including haziness to the lens, a lacy appearance in the eyes, and blindness.
  • Serious life threatening diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, and cancer become more and more common with older cats
Sometimes, cats can avoid these issues because they have better genetics. But a lot of times, it's about the lifestyle. One of the most important tools to give a cat in his old age is a heated cat bed.

Heated Cat Beds will help your cat's skin and alleviate arthritic symptoms.
How Does A Heated Cat Bed Help?
For all of the illnesses mentioned above, a heated cat bed would prove to be beneficial in comforting your cat and/or keeping him healthy.

Heated Cat Beds are designed to heat up to an optimal 102 degree temperature. This heat helps to increase blood circulation, which could keep your cat's skin from thinning and becoming less elastic. It has been proven that increased blood flow deriving from heat will provide nutrients, proteins, and oxygen that result in better health.

Also, the blood circulation that is propelled by heat helps to alleviate debilitating arthritic symptoms. According to the University of Washington's Orthopedics Medicine Program, "Pain signals are blocked by chemicals made by the brain called endorphins...Pain control methods such as heat and cold treatments, physical therapy, exercise, and massage can stimulate the body to release its own endorphins or to block the pain signal in other ways."

For the first few weeks of life, kittens are not able to see. Instead, they rely on warmth receptors that are in their face to find their mother and find comfort and safety. As your cat progresses into older age, his lack of eyesight may mirror the early days of kitten hood. By providing a heated cat bed, you'll be giving your cat the sense of safety that he will need during what can be a very scary time.

Serious Illness
Serious illness requires all of the support mentioned above. Your cat will need extra comfort, increased blood flow that will facilitate recovery, and of course plenty of rest. Having a serious illness is tough for everyone involved, and the best gift a cat can have is knowing that his owner loves him. There's no better way to express this love than by providing a heated cat bed.

By: Tim Snyder
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