DT Systems- The Company Built on Innovation

DT Systems- Who Are They?
In 1983, DT Systems was founded and quickly emerged as one of the dog collar industry's best and most innovative companies. Today, DT Systems is still associated with this same type of excellence. DT Systems' attention to detail is second to none, for all of their products have been field tested to ensure their capabilities. Currently, their corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas just a few miles away from America's team, the Dallas Cowboys. If you are looking for a training collar that is sure to work, DT Systems is the answer.

Popular Innovations from DT Systems
DT Systems is renowned for their innovative nature. Over the years, they have produced a number of innovative products that have changed the dog collar industry. Some of their most celebrated revolutions include:

The DT Mini No Bark Collar is small, lightweight, and a great tool for training your dog.
  • Digital Microcomputer Technology- this state of the art technology has swept through the dog collar industry. The Digital Microcomputer Technology is more electronically efficient and uses less battery power. Also, this technology has allowed companies to design new collars that are smaller and more compact. One example of the smaller dog collars offered by DT Systems is the DT Mini No Bark Collar.
  • Positive Vibration Technology- DT Systems was the first company to offer Positive Vibration features. This alternative is designed so dog owners have the option to switch to a non-shocking option that many people find to be less offensive and conducive for dog training.
  • Transmitter-Adjustable Intensity Levels- all of the DT Systems training collars have adjustable levels of intensity. Some models even have up to 60 different levels! This adjustability allows dog owners to determine exactly what their specific dog needs. Handing the control to the owner is possibly one of their most prudent innovations because nobody knows their dog better than an owner does.

DT Systems Most Popular Products
DT Systems has produced a number of products that have become top sellers and examples of their commitment to excellence. These include Dog Training Collars, No Bark Collars, Bird Launchers, and Dummies. Each one of these products is aimed at training your dog and has helped countless people.

If you have any further questions about DT Systems or their products, feel free to e-mail or call us at Pet Street Mall anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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