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Create a bond while exercising.
Why Should I Get Dog Agility Equipment?

If you are looking for an exercise outlet and a way to bond with your dog, you can always take your dog for a walk. But that can get to be a bit boring, right? Getting exercise and creating a bond is always so much easier when playing a sport that involves some sort of stimulation. Luckily for you and your pup, there is a very popular sport that has emerged over the past 25 years. Dog Agility! Dog Agility competitions are a great way for dogs and their owners to get exercise while creating a bond. These competitions revolve around a set of mentally and physically stimulating obstacles. Each obstacle requires that your dog learn a new command and a new set of skills. For both casual and competitive dog owners, the Dog Agility Equipment at Pet Street Mall will help you train and have a good time.

The Great Outdoor Games

In the early 2000s, the Great Outdoor Games was one of ESPN's most watched programs. The program featured competitions in log rolling, archery, and a variety of other skill sets. Possibly, the most popular competition was the Dog Agility Competition.

This competition showcased some of the most athletic and intelligent dogs across the country that competed to be crowned champion. In the competition, dogs were required to run through a course as quickly as possible with a handler and no leash. By only listening to vocal commands, the dogs had to navigate a course that consisted of a number of different challenges. The Great Outdoor Games catapulted the popularity of the sport to another level. Since the end of the Great Outdoor Games in 2006, there have been a number of organizations that have carried the torch for this ever-growing sport.


Currently, the premier dog agility organization is the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA). This organization has more than 25,000 registered competitors and more than 200 different breeds competing. Today, the USDAA is the producer of three International Tournament Series, which include the USDAA's Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships, the $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase, and the Dog Agility Masters. So if you are looking to get involved in the dog agility world, check out the USDAA website.

What Are the Typical Obstacles Found on a Dog Agility Course?

This ramp is three feet wide with two 9 foot long planks coming together in an A shaped frame. On each side is a contact zone. In competition, dogs are required to make contact with this zone before moving onto the next obstacle.

Tire Jump
This tire shaped obstacle is 24 inches in diameter and is held at an adjustable height (depending on the breed of dog) by a framed contraption. During the competition, the pup is required to jump through the tire and quickly move to the next stage. The tires are usually in a bright outline and now most organizations include a breakaway tire to eliminate possible injuries.

The 3' Closed Tunnel is a modification of the standard tunnel.

The tunnels in these events are usually 20 feet long and 2 feet in diameter. These tunnels are constructed of flexible wire and vinyl, so it can be morphed into a variety of shapes.

Collapsed Tunnel
The entrance to this obstacle has the same diameter dimension as the "normal" tunnels. Although instead of a rigid passageway, the tunnel is made of a cloth that extends 8 to 12 feet outwards. The dog must burst through this quickly in order to move on to the next obstacle.

This obstacle is similar to the popular child's toy. It is 10 to 12 feet in length, and like the A-Frame, it has a contact zone that the dog must touch before moving onto the next obstacle. Many organizations now require that this teeter-totter be constructed out of a safer rubber material.

Weave Poles
The weave poles consist of 5 to 12 upright poles that are 3 feet tall. Each pole is spaced 24 inches apart and dogs must always enter with the first pole to his left. For many dogs, this is the most difficult challenge because they often miss poles (which can cause a penalty) or slow down and get confused.

Hurdles are usually placed in multiple spots throughout the course. They consist of two bars that are located at a specific height that may differ depending on the breed of the dog. The hurdle is one of the easiest obstacles for a dog to get acclimated to.

If you have any further questions about Dog Agility Equipment, competitions, or any other pet product, feel free to e-mail or call us anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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