Dangers of Choker Chains

Teaching your dog how to properly go on a walk can be a frustrating process. Often a dog will get excited around other pets, pull away from you near traffic or find a piece of rubbish that looks far too appetizing to pass up. Many dog owners get desperate when they can't control their dogs and purchase a "check chain" or a choke collar.

Unfortunately some dog owners feel that a choker chain is the best option for hard-to-control pups.

Often a dog owner feels that a choker chain is good training method, because with enough force the dog eventually yields to the owners command. But, this training method is extremely dated and should be re-evaluated from any owner still practicing this technique. Choker chains can cause irreversible to a dog nervous system as well as their throat organs. When a dog is being choked, they risk fainting or damaging the discs in their spine.

Alternatives to Choker Chains
For most dogs, a quality dog collar and a sturdy leash are enough to do the trick for an enjoyable walk. However, for dogs that are just starting to learn good manners outside the house, here are some tips that should keep them in line.
  1. Long Walks are a good way to use up some of your dogs energy. If they're overactive during a walk, they may not be getting the exercise they need.
  2. Short Leashes are an excellent method to keeping your dog from straying. By firmly keeping tension on the leash, you allow your dog to know what acceptable behavior is without harming them.
  3. Verbal Rewards let your pooch know when they're doing a good job. Give them some praise for a well behaved stroll.
  4. Treats can also be a great reward at home after the walk. The dog must know that they behaved and are being rewarded for it.

Once you have properly trained your pooch to go on walks without misbehaving, you will no longer dread walking him in public. And, you won't even need to choke them to do it.

By Sean Bowes
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