Bringing Your Dog on the Road

Going on a road trip and want to bring Fido? Great! Sharing memorable experience on the road can be some of the most fun you have with your pooch, however, it takes a bit of planning. As a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure everyone is safe and that travel is comfortable. Some day trips with the dog in the car are recommended before going on a long road trip. You should make sure your dog is comfortable in a vehicle. If not, take the time for some training and find what helps keep the dog calm and comfy in the car.

Safety First
Having a dog in the car can be hazardous if your pooch is not restrained. Some dogs may try and crawl all over you while at the wheel which can be extremely dangerous for you and other drivers. Other times your dog may just be barking and whining which can be a huge distraction in traffic. If you can't get to your destination safely, nobody will have a fun vacation. Make sure you have made the right precautions before you and your pet get on the highway. Luckily, there are a handful of different preventative measures you can make before hopping behind the wheel.

Ways To Restrain Your Dog
There are a number of ways to restrain your dog safely in the car depending on the size of your dog. The most popular are probably a travel kennel or dog car seat. Pet harnesses are an option that is like a seat belt for your dog. Pet barriers work well in larger vehicles such as SUVs. Travel Kennels are perfect in keeping the pooch restrained while giving them a little room to move as well. When using a travel kennel, be sure to secure the kennel in some way in case of an accident. We don't want the kennel to catapult through the car with our pooch inside and a kennel is a large projectile.

Dog Car Seats are easy and comfortable. Lookout is an example of a dog car seat brand that offers a variety of car seats suitable for small dogs and models for larger breeds as well. The dog car seats have different styles such as booster seats or small dog cabins that are easily attached with the seat belt. Dog car seats are soft and comfy, making your dog's travel more enjoyable and can be used for short or long distance trips.

Some dogs absolutely love the road while others can be uneasy inside the car. To make the trip as comfortable as possible be sure to have some snacks and water for the pup. Making frequent stops so your dog can stretch their legs and take a bathroom break can really help your dog feel relaxed and happy. Try to make things as comfortable as possible so your dog feels safe and not too confined. Training goes a long way here. Day trips help familiarize your dog with the car before attempting the long haul.

Always be sure to not leave the dog in the car too long, as it can get very hot, especially in the summer. Make sure your destination is dog friendly. There is nothing worse than arriving at your event or hotel to find out your furry friend isn't allowed inside. Bring ample food and water for the entire trip and don't neglect your dog's exercise while traveling. With some simple planning and preparation, a road trip with your dog could be one of the best trips ever!

By Sean Bowes
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