Store N Feed - Elevated Feeder & Storage

  • The feeder that grows with your dog
  • Promotes healthier feeding
  • Minimizes strain on joints and muscles
  • Available in Regular and Jr. sizes below
Stores up to 20lbs. of dry dog food
Regular Price - $68.99
Sale Price - $47.99

Store-N-Feed jr.
Stores up to 8 lbs. of dry dog food

Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $19.79

Store N Feed TO GO
  • Regular Store N Feed Features:
  • Store 20 lbs. dry dog food conveniently
  • Height adjusts from 8” to 12” by rotating 180°
  • Watering feature (bottle not included)
  • Stainless steel bowls (included)
  • Compact design (portable)

  • Store N Feed JR. Features:
  • Convenient storage for toys, supplies, or up to 8 lbs. of dry food
  • Contains unique self-watering feature that allows use of bottle for continual watering
  • Comes with two high quality 1.0 quart stainless bowls
  • Portable and Perfect for traveling

  • The Store-N-Feed Dog Diner makes pet feeding a breeze. The Store-N-Feed keeps food inside it, so you don't have to make trips to the food bin, or take up valuable space inside your house. Keeping food inside the diner is only one of the benefits of the Store-N-Feed. It is also an elevated dog bowl, which prevents your dog from bending over to eat. Store-N-Feed prevents your dog from putting unnecessary strain on its body. Over years, your dog will put considerably less strain on his neck and joints assuring a long, healthy and happy life.

    Designed exclusively for small pets, the Store-N-Feed JR. provides a healthy, comfortable feeding position. Like the Store-N-Feed™, Store-N-Feed® JR. features a unique self-watering system and a ridge to keep food and water off the floor.Small breed dogs and cats need healthy, comfortable feeding positions, too. It's just as important to help them avoid bone and joint damage, as well as improve digestion and posture. All OurPet's brand feeders feature a 5-year manufacturers warranty.

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