Large Dog Crate

Large Dog Crate
Does not include pan or divider panel.
Giant Size = 54" Length x 35" Width x 45" Height
Regular Price - $240.99
Sale Price - $168.99
Large Dog Crate + Pan Combo

Regular Price - $330.99
Sale Price - $231.99
Divider Panels (Fits 1154U)

Regular Price - $35.99
Sale Price - $25.00
Dog Crate Pan for 1154U

Regular Price - $61.99
Sale Price - $42.95
Quiet Time Fleece Crate Bed (48 X 30) - More than Just a Bed.

Regular Price - $53.99
Sale Price - $37.67
Black E-Coat Finish Dog Pen - Size: (8 Panels) 24"W x 48"H

Regular Price - $131.99
Sale Price - $91.99

Large Dog Crates

are a giant crate, great for big dogs. This

Extra Large Dog Crate

measures a giant 54"L x 35"W x 45"H you can fit even the biggest dogs. Dogs are naturally den creatures, so this crate allows you to provide a secure and comfortable home for your pet regardless of size. The black electro-coat finish on the Large Dog Crate looks great and complements any interior home decor.

As a part of Midwest’s Starter Series the large dog crate is made from sturdy materials and uses a corner drop pin construction which makes this crate stand out among all other crates. With side bolt latches the Large dog crate will keep your dog safe a secure.

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How To Keep A Large Dog Healthy “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” The same can be said for dogs, too. When you own an oversized pup, you need to be aware that they can become ill or sore much easier than a normal sized pooch. If you are new to owning a large dog, then you should know that there is many different products on the pet market that can help your big dog stay fit. CLICK HERE to see how your large dog can stay healthy.

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