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Dog Clothing for all occasions; whether your pet likes to enjoy their warm summer days on the water or snuggled up from the coldness of winter, we have the perfect clothing item or pet accessory that will keep your four-legged friend safe, comfortable, and stylish. We have everything from coats, Muttluks, Doggles, cooling jackets, warm jackets, and even life jackets. Just like humans, your pet also experiences the effects of extreme weather conditions. Please have a look around and take advantage of our Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on select items.

Dog Clothing
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Easy to put on and remove,
the belt provides the ultimate
convenience in pet clothing.
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These fleece lined jackets
from the makers of Muttluks
are both warm and fuzzy.
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From the makers of Muttluks,
a Reversible Snowsuit. This
jacket is machine washable.
Muttluks are like boots for
your pet that will protect their
paws from harsh conditions.
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A great jacket for keeping
your pet cool on even
the hottest summer days.
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Protect your pet's paws with
these Dog Booties!
General Care
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Dog Clothing Articles
Dog Clothes Can Help Your Pup Avoid the Winter Chills - During the winter time, everybody bundles up, huddles around the fireplace, and does their best to stay warm. For dogs, it’s not always so easy. They have to go outside to use the restroom, and they still need some exercise. The best way to help keep them warm is with dog clothes. Learn More...

Do Dogs Hate Clothes? - This is a question that dog owners are constantly asking because they would never want to torture their dog. Well, the answer is….absolutely not; dogs have no hatred for clothing. In fact, with the proper training, any dog can be a lover of getting all dressed up. To check out the full article click here.

Funny Pet Memes Take Over the Internet - Whether you’re trying to find an article on Google, posting on your favorite online forum or just opening silly Emails from family and friends, chances are you've seen them. They typically feature poor grammar and a silly picture and more often than not they poke fun at pop culture and feature a cat or dog. I am talking about, of course, the internet’s fascination with memes. Click Here to see some funny pet memes.

Bundling Your Dog Up for the Winter - Brrrrrr! When the weather gets cold it is time to bundle up! Sadly, many pets are left freezing in the cold when they need to go outside for exercise or to use the bathroom. Some pet owners try to force baby clothes on their dogs before going out for a walk in the snow, but there is a more fashionable solution to keeping your dog wagging its tail in even the coldest weather. Click Here to learn about warming up Fido.

The Kitty CATure Fashion Show - Every pet owner should keep one eye on the pet fashion world. Not because they want to keep up with the style, but because they want to keep up with products that can actually help keep pets safe and happy. If you want to find out more about the latest happenings in the pet clothes world Click Here.

Dog Clothing Information

Dog Clothing may seem like a luxurious accessory to some people, but your pet will disagree. Sometimes having fur is not enough. That is why we carry such a large selection of pet clothes, accessories, Muttluks, Doggles, and many styles of jackets suited for a variety of weather conditions. When it comes to providing protection and style, we have it all.

Muttluks are a great buy for all weather conditions. Muttluks will provide extra protection from hot concrete or asphalt while on walks, keep paws warm in the winter, and dry in the rain. Muttluks are excellent for dogs that have sensitive paws and pads, or any injuries that require additional coverage so that your pet will not be able to chew off the bandage. Muttluks come in all sizes and in a wide arrangement of colors. Get your pet a pair of Muttluks today!

The Cooling Dog Jacket is great for states with warm temperatures. Almost every state has summers that see temperatures exceeding 85 and even 95 degrees. With the heat index so high, it is critical to take proper measures for your dogs. Just like humans, dogs can also react to the heat; some side effects can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even death. Take the proper precautions when summer comes with a Cool K-9 Cooling Jacket. This jacket does not use Freon or any other harmful chemicals; it just uses water. The jacket will absorb the heat from your dog’s body and let the heat evaporate off the jacket. Cool your pet down in the heat of the summer with a Cool K-9 Cooling Jacket Today!

Give your pet style and functionality at the Lowest Prices. All our products are designed to keep your pet warm, cool, dry, safe, and stylish in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Browse through our complete line of products and chooses according to your climate and needs. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50 - Keep your pet comfortable year-round with our line of quality Dog Clothing!

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