Contact Basic Dog Tracking System

  • Lightweight Receiver
  • 8 Mile Range
  • 100 Built in channels
  • Transmitter runs for 400 hours
  • Transmitter runs on 3.6V Lithium batteries
  • Transmitter is waterproof
Contact Basic Dog Tracking System
Regular Price - $999.99
Sale Price - $799.99
    Package Contents:
    • One Collar Transmitter with Bark Indicator
    • One Receiving Unit
    • Batteries
    • User Manual

Contact Tracking Systems are the most accurate radio directional finders on the market. This tracking system operates on the only band the FCC has dedicated for radio location of 434-434 MHz allowing for precise location of your dog(s) without the noise found at lower frequencies offered by competitive systems.

The Contact Standard system also offers great tracking capabilities on the same frequency range of 434-435 MHz with 100 available built in channels. While still directionally accurate the Contact® Standard receiver offers two fewer antennas than the Pro Series. If you are looking for directional accuracy without the pinpoint detail and option flexibility of the Pro series the Contact Standard series is for you.


  • Offers the ability to track to an 8-mile range
  • Receiver built to withstand the rigors of any hunting excursion including any water you may encounter
  • 100 available built in channels
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