Air Purifiers

Air Purifier are great to eliminate odors, allergens, and smoke. Air Purifiers are the first line of defense when protecting yourself from particle in the air. Air Purifiers are effective, efficient and affordable. We carry Air Purifiers from top manufacturer that have gain their reputation for their ability capture air borne particle and allergens. Check out our complete line of Air Purifiers. We offer Air Purifiers for home, office and car use. Take advantage of our Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on select Air Purifiers.

Air Purfiers
The desk air purifier is great for the home or the office up to 100 sq. feet
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Great for rooms and areas up to 200 sq. feet
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The classic air purifier that clears areas up to 500 sq. feet
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The Professional's model of air purifier clears areas up to 5,000 sq. feet
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Able to handle an entire floor of a home, good for up to 3,000 sq. feet
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The Premium car model air purifier eliminates all traces of odor in your vehicle
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Great, compact device for clearing out odors in your car
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Air Purifiers will safely remover pollution, dust, odors, and other particles from your home. Our ozone-friendly Air Purifiers are manufactured by world renowned companies that will provide a safer, less polluted environment for children, home owners, visitors and their pets. Prevent illnesses that arise for allergens, pollen and other particles with an Air Purifier.

Pet Street Mall offers Air Purifiers at the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping. We have Air Purifiers that will accompany you one your road trips and vacations, at the office, home or workshop. Our Air Purifiers will provide a healthier atmosphere for both humans and pets. We have Air Purifiers that will match every home décor, at an affordable price.

Car Fresh Aircare Purifier
This Air Purifier is great for all type of traveling. Pet Owners enjoy the company of their pets on vacations or even short joyrides. Using a 12 volt DC plug will provide you with fresh air while on the road. The Car Air Purifier is ideal for cars, trucks, RVs and other vehicles. Air Purifiers are not just good for pet owners, but they are also good for smokers and people with allergies.

Premium Automotive Aircare Purifier
The Premium Automotive Air Purifier will eliminate all odors inside your car, truck, camper, and RV. Car Air Purifiers will keep the interior odor free without using air fresheners and other chemicals. This Air Purifier will continue to run until the power is turned off. Compact yet efficient, the Premium Air Purifier will believer the freshest air to passengers.

Pro Aircare Purifier
The Pro Aircare Purifier is ideal for areas up to 5000 square feet. Most commonly used in home, veterinarians offices, and small corporate work offices, this Air Purifier will be able to deliver professional results without spending thousands of dollars. Made to capture odors and dust particles, the Pro Aircare Purifier is the best bang for your buck. Equipped with a removable and easy to clean filter will keep the job simple and quick. The Pro Air Purifier offers a sleek exterior that will become the focus of any room.

Desk Fresh Aircare Purifier
The Desk Fresh Air Purifier is great for smaller areas like offices, bed rooms and cubicles. With the ability to filter air in rooms up to 100 square feet gives this compact Air Purifier a sense of popularity. The Desk Air Purifier is completely portable and will be able to travel with you on vacations and business meetings. Battery operated will allow this Air Purifier to work where there is no electrify. Protect yourself from getting sick with a Desk Fresh Aircare Purifier. .

Super Aircare Purifier
The Super Air Purifier will reach areas up to 3000 square feet. The Super Air Purifier is ideal for homes, corporate offices, doctors’ offices, workshops and other indoor areas. Safe, effective and efficient, the Super Air Purifier will eliminate smell of smoke, pets, chemicals, cooking and other odors.

Air Purifiers will keep your home, office, and car clean from odors and even dust particles. We offer several Air Purifiers that will keep accommodate every need. Our Air Purifiers at the Lowest Prices on the web plus we also offer Free Shipping on select items. Get rid of odors, allergens and dust particles with an Air Purifier.

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