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PIF-300 PIF-300C
Wireless Dog Fence and WiFi Dog Fence
Wireless Dog Fences on Sale Now! As Low As $259.95!!!

A Wireless Dog Fence is the ideal solution for anyone unable to use a traditional underground fence because there is no digging or burying of wiring the system can be set up in only a few minutes. The system will allow your pet freedom while keeping them safely contained within the boundary area. Be sure to check out our PetSafe wireless fence.
Wireless fence Technology is continuously evolving, therefore so are the products we find ourselves relying on. Wireless technology has forever changed how pet owners manage their dogs while at home, on camping trips, or while on vacation. Using the latest in state of the art technology, we can deliver a precise boundary area that will keep your dog safe, secure, and out of harm’s way. The receiver collar will alert your pet with a warning beep when they meet the boundary’s limit. Only if they continue will they then receive a small shock and if they don’t soon enter back inside the designated area than another shock will be felt. Wireless pet fences are designed to create circular boundaries and are portable for your convenience.

Standard and Comfort Wireless Dog Fences
PIF-300 Standard Wireless Dog Fence

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PIF-300C Comfort Contact Wireless Dog Fence

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The PIF-300 has several Great Features. Being 20% smaller than the previous edition with 6 Levels of Stimulation allowing owners to adjust according to the size of the pet & their attitude. Also the PIF-275-19 collar is Waterproof.

The PIF-300C is similar to the PIF-300, but with Comfort Contacts.

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Standard System

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Comfort System
Wireless Dog Fences
Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence

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Number 1 for a reason, this Wireless Dog Fence is the Best! Has 5 Stimulation Levels & will essentially fit any dog. Other Features Include: an indicator for low Battery, a tone only correctional option, & 2 - 3 hours quick charge.

Largest Containment Area
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Completely Portable

Motorola Wireless Dog fence

Motorola provides a wireless fencing system so flexible you can use it home to train your dog not to wander out of the backyard, or instantly pick up the portable fencing unit and use it as a rechargeable battery powered containment solution for vacations or quick trips.

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Free To Roam Wireless Fence

The Free to Roam receiver collar is ergonomically designed for comfort and sized for pets weighing 5 pounds or more. Choose from 5 adjustable levels of static correction to find just the right level for your pet.

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Dog Expedition Systems: Border Patrol GPS Containment Unit
Border Patrol Contain Train and Track System

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The new Border Patrol TC1 is a revolutionary Patented GPS-enabled pet containment e-Fence system with FenceView Tracking and remote trainer capabilities -
All in One Unit!

  • 50 intensity levels of “Nick” and Continuous Stimulation
  • Vibration, Jump Stimulation, Rise Stimulation
  • Training range of up to 2 miles (line of sight)
  • Mark up to 4 Waypoints
  • Fence Center Waypoint Automatically Saves
  • Rechargeable (Li-Ion), Water-Resistant Handheld Unit
  • Rechargeable (Li-Ion), Waterproof Collar Unit
  • High Resolution 2.4’’ TFT Color LCD
  • Expands up to 5 Dogs with TC1-ADDON Units
    (sold separately)
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Wireless Dog Fence Articles
How Wireless Pet Fences Work
The wireless pet fence has revolutionized how we keep our pets safe. For years many pets were kept indoors whenever their owners left the house to prevent them from straying into the street and harm’s way. Wireless fences allow your pets the freedom and enjoyment of playing outdoors without the need for constant supervision and worry.
However, some people remain reluctant when it comes to wireless fences because they don’t fully understand them and how they work. The fact of the matter is that wireless fences are remarkably simple devices – simple to install, simple to setup and simple to use.
Costing a fraction of the price to have traditional fencing installed around a property, not to mention far easier to maintain, a wireless fence is one of the safest, most cost-effective methods of keeping your pets safely within the boundary of your property. Our resident expert explains just how simple and easy wireless fence really are. Learn More...

Wireless Dog Fence FAQ
The wireless dog fence is a wonderful device. It prevents pets from running off, it gives pets the freedom of being outdoors even when their owners are not around, and it gives owners the peace of mind that their pets are protected against getting into harmful situations. Having said that, some people still have questions about wireless pet fences, so we have answered them here...

Will A Wireless Fence Work on My Property?
You want your dogs to enjoy an outdoors lifestyle but naturally you worry about them running off or becoming endangered in the street. Like many pet lovers you’re considering a wireless pet fence to keep your dog safe and your mind at ease, but is a wireless fence the best solution for you? While wireless fences are a brilliant innovation and loved by many, they don’t work well in certain conditions. Read on to see if a wireless fence will work with your property.

Wired vs. Wireless Invisible Pet Fences
If you want to get an invisible pet fence but are unsure whether to go for a wired or wireless model, PetStreetMall is here to help. We got the advice of several pet training and pet containment specialists and have compiled this information here. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions and help you make an informed decision when choosing an invisible fence system. Learn More...
Is a Wireless Fence Suitable for My Dog?
You want to let your dogs outdoors to enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle, but naturally you worry that they could run off and be in danger. Wireless fences have helped thousands of dog lovers let their pets run free in the yard, but some people have found that their dogs just don’t obey wireless fences. Find out if a wireless fence will work for you. Learn More...
Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence INFO
The Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence is as convenient as it is effective. You simply plug in the unit to create a safe and secure fence! The perimeter is transmitted by the central unit and creates a circular boundary around your yard that can be easily adjusted up to 3/4 of an acre (210 feet across). You can easily increase the size of the containment area with the purchase of additional transmitters by overlapping the boundaries. Once you have your wireless dog fence in place, the next step is to place the Receiver Collar included with the system around your dog's neck. As your pet roams freely within your yard, the collar will pick up the signal transmitted by the central unit. Each time they go near the perimeter, a warning tone will be emitted by the collar. If your canine continues toward into the off-limit boundaries, they will receive a quick but safe static correction.

PIF-300 Standard and Comfort System INFO

The PIF-300 and PIF-300C are the dependable classic wireless system from PetSafe. The PIF-300 Series has become highly recommended by pet owners and veterinarians worldwide. Completely portable and easy set-up allows pet owners to relax and tend to other important business. With the ability to power the PIF-300 Series on a car’s 12-volt outlet gives this product higher versatility than most systems; which makes taking your pet on camping trips and with you to visit friends a simple task. The PIF-300 Series has 6 Levels of Stimulation to permit owners to make necessary adjustments according to the size and responsiveness of the dog. It is also important to take the collar off your pet when inside the house to avoid interference from other household appliances. If you have a large dog or are looking for a device to be used indoors, please check out our other Dog Fences to find the one that will be the most suitable for you and your dog’s particular needs.

Wireless Dog Fence INFO

The Wireless Dog Fences that we carry come from today’s leading manufactures in the industry and offer a larger coverage area than any other system like it; as much as two to three times more coverage. Do not settle for a fence that will require maintenance or break in a matter of months, leaving you empty handed and fenceless. We only offer dependable fences that will give your pet years of safety, security, and freedom. Why bother yourself with unpleasant fences or wires that will only wear and tear over time? Instead you can enjoy the openness, the beauty, and the landscape of your yard without structures blocking or distorting your view.

Wireless Dog Fences are great choices for both rural and urban households, and for small to medium and some large dogs. These devices will allow your pet to explore the yard as they would normally, but when he or she comes close to the boundary line a warning signal will be given and only if they continue farther than they're allowed will they receive a small static shock. You can adjust the signal area from 15 to an astonishing 105 foot radius, which is approximately a 30-210 foot diameter. This signal is completely circular, which will allow your dog to have free and equal access in every direction.

A single transmitter is not capable of changing the shape of the field due to it having only one central hub. You can easily make a larger boundary area by using two transmitters and creating a figure 8 zone line. It is important that your transmitter does not get wet, damp, or placed in a high moisture area. These systems work best with yards that have flat ground that does not have slopes or drop offs.


Once the set-up procedures have been completed, it is recommended to place the Training Flags at the signal's edge, this will serve many purposes. The training flags will act as a visual aid for the dog so that he or she will be able to relate the noise or shock with specific locations. Also, these training flags are great for pet owners who like run and play with their dogs. When playing inside of the containment area it is important to stay within it so your dog will not follow and be punished, which will also heal to teach the pet too respect their limits. We offer Wireless Dog Fences for single, double, and triple pet use or you can purchase additional collars separately. If you wish to expand the desired boundaries, than you will need to purchase an additional transmitters.

  • For Small to Medium Dogs.
  • Covers a Large Area.
  • Easy to Install!
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off.
  • No Wires to Bury, because it is WIRELESS!
  • Incase of Power Outage the System Turns Off the Collar.
  • Includes a Light Weight & Waterproof Receiver.
  • We suggest calling before purchasing to ensure you get what you need.
  • Many of our Wireless Fences are FCC Approved.
  • All of our Wireless Dog Fences Ship for FREE!
  • Ideal for any flat yard and completely portable, because it is WIRELESS!
  • Uses a common battery.
  • Some Capable of Operating Multiple Collars.
  • We Include 50 Training Flags.
How do Wireless Dog Fences Work?

Setting up your new system is as simple as plug and play. Once you plug your transmitter into an electrical outlet, a radio signal is emitted that will determine where the boundary lines are. When your pet is wearing the special collar that is included, he or she will be alerted if they attempt to go beyond the predetermine limits. The lightweight collar is in constant communication with the transmitter and will react instantly if your pet gets too close or tries to exceed its limits. Within a week or two your dog will be able to memorize and identify the boundary area that they are to stay within.

When choosing a place to set-up your new fence, be sure to pick a dry, tampered-free area; this will keep your transmitter working to its full potential. We strongly recommend placing your transmitter inside the house, garage, shed, or any other area that will not get in the way or get wet. Many of these containment devices use a standard 110 volt outlet which allows them to be placed virtually anywhere throughout your property. The signal is capable of going through walls, cabinets, and other fixture so you will not have to worry about placement. The most common areas to place the transmitter are behind furniture, in closets, or even in the laundry room. Once you set-up the receiver, you can set the appropriate range for your yard.

Layout Configrations with Extra Transmitters

Helpful Hints

Having patience is a virtue when training your pet. Proper training is critical for the overall development and success in the training. Take time every day to train with your dog within the boundary area. It is recommender to train for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day so the dog will catch on quicker. When training your dog, it is essential to start slow and work your way up; this will give your pet the opportunity to adapt and adjust to the new boundaries. Give at least two solid weeks of training and assess your dog’s comprehension (additional training may be required).

Some dogs are more hesitant and may defy training at first. If your dog shows any signs of stress then it is recommended to train twice a day for shorter periods of time. Some signs of stress include: tugging on the leash, body lowered, shaking or any other nervous tendencies, and stiffening of the body. For the best results, it is critical for your pet to be comfortable and not resistant to training. After each training session, play with them for several minutes close to the flags so any fears can fade away. Remember to take off the collar when you intend for your pet to go past the boundary limit for walks and car rides.

We have a wide selection of Wireless Dog Fences that will keep your pet safe and secure. It is time to get rid of those ugly wooden and chain linked fences that block your view and take away from your yard. By going wireless you will eliminate the hassle of messing with wires and replacing damaged parts and pieces. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on all our Fences - Shop Big and Save Big Today!

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