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This Month's Featured Rat Cage
You'll Love Our New Critter Nation Cage!
  • Smaller bar spacing, and appropriatley angled ramps for your rats.
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Features: Full width double doors, wide expanse adjustable shelf, full width removable plastic pan floor, and multiple attaching points
  • Maximum Accessibility for Easy Cleaning & Feeding
  • Swing-Up Locking Ramps to Secure Sections for Cleaning Cage, Feeding & Separating Rats
  • Rat-Proof Dual-Locking Door Latches that Provide Secure, Easy One-Handed Operation
  • Easily Maneuverable Stand with Locking Caster that Raises Cage to Convenient Height & Provides Storage Area
  • Available in single and double levels
  • We carry the highest quality rat cages at Pet Street Mall. We have selected the best rat cages for your rat, for years of use. We carry rat cages to suit and pet parents and rat needs. Browse our selection and your sure to find what your looking for.

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    We carry a a variety of rat cages. While all of our rat cages are simple and easy to use, some have been designed for different functions. The Clean Living Rat Cage has been designed to provide your rat with a more sanitary living space. The plastic grid system provides your rat with a safe floor, while allowing waste to fall through to the pan below. This makes disposing of waste easy and fast. Just pull out the pan below, dump the waste, and replace the pan. This cage includes a scatterless guard system to make sure your rat doesn't scatter litter and debris outside of the rat cage. Other rat cages designed with the pull out waste pan idea include the four story rat cage, critter nation rat cage, and the rat cage. The blue five story rat cage and red four story rat cage have similar designs. These rat cages make cleaning easy as well by allowing waste to fall in a pan below. Instead of a slide out pan these rat cages use a snap off base. No need to remove your rat from its cage, just snap off the base and dump the waste.

    The rat cage tubs still offer more than the traditional rat cage. These rat cages have top and front opening doors for easy access to your rat and its habitat. The top uses easy on/ off snaps to attach to the base. A 6 1/2" deep tub contains debris and litter. The high rise for rats gives rats extra room when using an aquarium as a cage. It easily fits onto 10 and 20 gallon tanks. This allows an aquarium to become well ventilated, and a healthier environment.

    Due to the overwhelming success of the other nation cage pet parents demanded a habitat built as well as the other nation but designed to accommodate a variety of pets. The makers of the critter nation took the advice and guidance from their friends in small animal clubs around the world. The design of the Critter Nation takes from the other nation cage many of the design features like the full open and removable doors, critter-proof door latches, large adjustable shelves with toy/bedding anchor points, wire ramps, and easy-to-clean and remove plastic pans. That's not all... they also designed the Critter Nation so that NO tools are required to assemble the cage. No Tools! The design uses interlocking panels to securely lock the cage panels without the use of any screws, nuts, or bolts! The World's Best Critter Habitat - Critter Nation ™

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