Wahl MiniFigura Clipper Replacement Blade

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The replacement trimmer blade is a super surgical cut blade that leaves a cut length of 1/64" and is great for surgical prep and trimming. Enjoy an efficient close cut with high precision, chrome plated stainless steel blade set that gives the highest performance trimming capability. The detachable blade is easy to snap on and off making routine blade cleaning a breeze and is manufactured to resist rust and corrosion. All Wahl blades are made of high grade steel. Though more costly to produce, the result is a much harder blade that stays sharper longer.

  • Fits Wahl Sterling #8779 Mag Trimmer
  • Fits Wahl Beret #8841 Trimmer
  • Also fits Wahl animal trimmer #9868 Mini Figura but this blade is NOT Chrome Plated
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