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The EZ Mount Window Pod will please any cat. The open-ended design assures kitty can enter and exit from either side. The enclosed pod design provides privacy and includes a K&H Pet Products Amazin' Kitty Pad to keep kitty warm and comfy while bird and people watching. The incredible suction cups will assure a solid, safe mount to virtually any window.

  • Easy installation Cat Window Bed allows it to mount on any window or door that is 27” or wider.
  • Free machine washable K&H Amazin’ Kitty Pad included in your purchase
  • Each side has a convenient entry and/or exit, allowing you versatility of where to hang it
  • Heavy denier exterior, Lycra interior and EVA core makes this cat bed extremely durable
  • Sturdy suctions cups ensure this bed stays in place-we suggest cleaning your window and cups once a month
Item Details:
  • Dimensions: 27"" x 6"" x 20""
  • Color: Dark Denim

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