Garmin TT15 Mini Dog Device

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Rugged and water resistant to 10 meters, this tracking and training dog device is tough enough to run wherever your dog runs, up to 4 miles away. The stimulation features let you train each dog separately ' traditional stimulation allows you to make quick changes (low, medium or high) within a predetermined stimulation level (1-6) whereas linear stimulation allows progressively more stimulation from levels 1 to 18.

  • Compatible with the Astro 320 for tracking only.
  • Battery life 16 - 30 hours
  • Water rating 10 meters
  • Neck circumference minimum 9.5"
  • Collar strap is 0.75" wide
Item Details:
  • Dimensions: 3.1" x 1.8" x 1.4"
  • Color: Red

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