PetSafe Indoor Wireless Containment System

  • Small collar at 1.3 oz
  • Adjustable collar fits pets 5 lbs. or more with neck sizes 6"-28"
  • ZONES are wireless, cordless and runs on common (3)AA batteries (not included)
  • Collar is Water Resistant
  • Put them anywhere 2'- 12' diameter coverage PetSafe's easiest product yet to use!
  • No training, programming or set up required
  • Keeps Your Dog In and Out of Places in Your House.
  • Run-Through Prevention.
  • For Any Size Dog.
  • Put the Zone Anywhere.
PetSafe Indoor Zone Wireless Containment System - ZND-1200
One Zone and One Collar
Regular Price - $78.99
Sale Price - $54.95

Additional Pawz Away Zones Collar

Regular Price - $49.99
Sale Price - $34.95

Additional Indoor Zones Transmitter

Regular Price - $49.99
Sale Price - $34.95

Pawz Away Extra Outdoor Rock Barrier

Regular Price - $89.95
Sale Price - $59.95

PetSafe Indoor Zone Wireless Containment System - ZND-1200

The Indoor Zone Transmitter is compatible with the PetSafe Ultra Systems IUC-4100, IUC-4200, and IUC-5100.

The Indoor Zone system is designed to keep your pet out of certain areas of your home or away from specific objects such as the couch or kitchen trash cans. The discs use 3 AA batteries that last on average 6 months. Using the discs are very simple. Place it where you don’t want your pet to go and setup a range of protection. The range setting is important because it allows for you to best utilize the device without having to be overly strategic on the placement. Say you want the dog to stay out of the trash. Put a disc next to the trash receptacle and set a distance of 2 feet. This will allow your pet access to the kitchen without it being about to access the trash and make a mess.

Perhaps you need to keep your dog off some of the furniture, place the disc just like you did with the trash and set a large range so your dog will stay off. Now in both cases when the pet is getting too close to the disc it will receive a warning beep emitted from the collar so it can learn not to go any farther.

Each disc has a maximum range of 12 feet but you can combine them to make a larger buffer field. The ability to expand makes this system perfect for any home size or configuration in particular to the fact that the field size of each disc is customizable.

Also if you like the way this system is designed but would like to be able to implement it in your yard to keep your pet away from a pool, pond, or flower bed then be sure to view the Paws Away Outdoor Pet Barrier page listed above. If you’d like a further understanding of how this and the outdoor system work be sure to view our videos section or call our number listed below.

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