SPC-100 Bark Control Collar

  • On/off switch
  • Bark vibration sensor
  • Long life lithium battery
  • 7 levels of static correction
  • Auto advance gentle bark training
  • Easy fit contacts, no tools required
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces
  • 100% waterproof
SPC-100 Bark Control Collar
Regular Price - $84.99
Sale Price - $59.00

6 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
Use for all Perimeter Dog Fence Systems Receiver Collars. Use also for IMPI-BARK SPC-100 Bark Collar.
Not for the the Wi-Fi Receiver Collars

Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $9.95

The IMPI SPC - 100 is a bark control collar which has your pet set the intensity of the corrections through its barking. There are two basic correction levels which are relatively gentle and move upward for 5 more levels. The higher levels of correction are reached through continued barking and how your pet picks what works for it. If the stimulation is too weak the pet will continue and when it is strong enough your pet will stop. The collar goes off of the vibration it feels from your pet’s barking making it so that no external noise or other barking will set it off. This is done so that no false positives will occur because that sort of thing will hinder your pet’s bark training. The IMPI SPC – 100 uses a 6 volt easily replaceable lithium ion battery which can power the collar upwards of two years!

How it works: The IMPI SPC – 100 uses a piezzo quartz sensor in its receiver which reacts to vibrations in your pet’s throat. When your pet barks it will emit a static correction through the throat contacts. Should your pet continue barking the intensity will increase through 5 additional correction levels if the barking persists. Over time your pet will understand that the corrections are directly connected to the barking and will stop doing so to avoid corrections.

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