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Dog Toys are a great way to divert your dog’s interest from chewing on pricey household objects. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors so your pet will stay enthused about playing with their toy. Inside dogs especially require interactive toys so they can release energy and tension in new fun and exciting ways. When dogs begin to chew on furniture, shoes, clothes, and other valuable items around the house, they are simple bored and are trying to find any means to entertain their selves. We have several toys that will clean and reduce plaque while chewing. Some of our toys offer problems solving solutions that will challenge your pet. Our toys will keep your pet happy for years to come.

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Dog Toys Articles
Dog Toys Are Necessary to Prevent Boredom Believe it or not, dog boredom is an epidemic in the United States. This might sound funny, but boredom can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, and lethargy. The answer for dogs and dog owners: dog toys. A few toys can help provide the stimulation that will prevent this growing problem and will help to keep your pooch healthy and happy. Learn More...

Choosing the Proper Dog Toy Can Rile a Lethargic Dog Up for a Game of Fetch Sometimes, it can be hard initially to get a dog excited about fetch. But, all these pups need is a little push in the right direction. The best way to do this is by picking up a specialized toy that is sure to get any dog excited. Check out the full scoop here.

Dog Flu Outbreak This year a new illness has been spreading around our pooches. A flu-like virus, which has reportedly killed dogs in the United States, is extremely contagious among dogs, though cats and humans are immune. The virus is called Canine Influenza (Dog Flu) and has turned up in dogs from California and Florida. All dog owners should be informed about this virus and its symptoms. Click here to learn more.

Avoiding Dangerous Dog Toys Years ago, there were only two types of toys for dogs: tennis balls and dog bones. Today, the pet market place is filled with different types of chew toys and flying discs. Yet, even with great innovations in the pet world, there is an inert risk with the toys we give to our dogs. Choking and chipped teeth are scary hazards with some toys. CLICK HERE to see which toys you need to avoid for your pooch.

Dog Toys Information

Dog Toys are great for all ages. Young puppies will find having toys to be a way to release the inner kid and energy in them. Middle age to older dogs will play or chew on toys to release stress, energy, and have a sense of companionship. having a toy for your pet will help divert your pet's interests and are well known to reduce the chewing of household items. Similar to human toys, these toys will keep your pet's mind preoccupied and prevent them from getting bored. Check out our great selection of toys and take advantage of our amazing deals!

PetStreetMall has the wide selection of pet toys that will bring enthusiasm to your canine and encourage them to play. Our toys come in a wide variety of shape, sizes, and colors to inspire them to play and release energy. They even come with several different features. Some are made with extremely durable rope that will endure the roughest tugging, pulling, and chewing. Other toys are made to release treats as they chew on the toy. We also have toys that poses challenges for your pooch to solve; the reward for solving these challenges are the yummy treats. If you are looking for a Dog Toy that goes beyond the traditional toy than you have found the right place. Our toys will offer new adventure for your pet. Browse through our selection and choose a toy that will fit the size and energy of your canine.

When choosing the right toy consider your dog’s personality. Is your pet the rough and aggressive type or calm and collective type? If your canine is rough and full of energy, than we recommend our more durable products like HyperDog Dent-A-Tug, and the Dawg Super Tugs. For calmer dogs, we suggest the Mini Squeak Chain, the Cool Chew, and other softer toys. We have everything from the toughest rubber toys to the softest plush toys. Most dogs love toys that will release treats as they play or chew on them. We have something for the smallest to the largest dogs in your household. Whether you are looking for a toy that squeaks, rattles, can be thrown, made to to be tugged on, or anything else in between, we have the perfect toy for your pooch.

Dogs naturally chew out of boredom. Giving your pet a toy that he or she can chew on, which will prevent them from wanting to chew on something like your shoes. Toys are beneficial for your dog’s dental, mental, and physical well-being. Chew Toys will strengthen the gums and reduce plaque around the your pet's teeth. They also encourage physically exercise and will mentally reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that your pooch may experience while being home alone.

By giving your pet their own toys, they will be entertain for hours. Whether you are away from the house several hours out of the day or just do not have as much time to dedicate to playing with your four legged friend, toys will definitely occupy their time while they wait for you.Do not keep your dog at home alone just waiting for you to show up, get them several toys that will distract them while you are absent from their presence. Rest assure that all our toys are safe. We also carry the more popular toy products like the Hyper Dog Products.

A dog toy can be used for various occasions. We offer a wide assortment that can be thrown such as balls, frisbees, chew toys, and even some tug toys. Essentially we offer a variety of toys to suit every type and size of pet that craves interactivity. Give your canine a toy that they can chew on and you will find that they are less likely to go after your furniture, shoes, and carpet.

Check out our complete line of pet toys. We have everything from chewing toy, throwing toys, ball launchers, squeakers and much more. We carry only items that we know you dog will love. Give your dog a treat with the most durable dog toys on the market. Start building bonds with your furry friends by playing with him/her a few minutes every day. Give your dog the toy of a life time and see the amount of pleasure they will get out of it. Pet Street Mall has the Lowest Prices. Buy Now and Save Today!

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PetStreetMall provides toys for the active pet, the pooch that likes to chew, the canine that enjoys a good game of tug-o-war, and even those cute little puppies with a soft plush toy will do the trick. For all pet lovers, Dog Toys from PetStreetMall are a great gift idea! With such a large selection, you can choose from many different styles that will match any breed. For your convenience and easy shopping, our products are arranged according to its functions and features. Certainly, you will find here what your favorite furry friend is looking for!

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