Cooling Dog Bed

Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling Dog Beds provide a huge benefit to your favorite pet. Summer time is approaching, thus you need a cooling dog bed to ensure that your pet can acquire enough sleep without the hassle of dealing with the summer heat. Aside from keeping your pet cool, these cool pet beds for your pet are also great for soothing sore joints. In addition, a cool dog bed can provide many therapeutic benefits for several skin conditions and can even help in treating a variety of ailments. What are you waiting for? Buy Now and Save Today with PetStreetMall!

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Cooling Pad
The Cool Bed III is the cooling bed of your pet's dreams. It's
Easy to Use and Easy to Clean!
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Cooling Dog Jacket
Cooling Dog Jacket
  • Keeps your Pet Cool and Dry
  • Reflective, for High Visibility at Night
  • Relieves Body Heat with an Evaporative Process
  • Simple and Easy to Use
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Cooling Dog Bed Articles
Cool Bed How to Know if Your Dog Is Overheating It seems that every year there is a news report about an athlete that falls victim to a heat related illness. One of the most notorious cases happened in 2001 and involved Pro Bowl NFL star Korey Stringer. Stringer was a professional athlete and his body was trained for heavy activity, But during that year’s training camp Stringer collapsed and died from a heat stroke. This tragedy happened because there were minimal preventative measures taken by his team, the Minnesota Vikings. His high profile death was the beginning of a movement by the NFL and a broadening of the American consciousness to make sure such travesties would not happen. Unfortunately, it took a death for Americans to realize that even superstar professional athletes need protection from the heat. But as pet owners, we should not wait for a similar tragedy to happen before we take preventive measures to ensure our pet’s safety. Learn More...

Canine Cooler How Do Dogs Handle the Heat? In the same way that humans sweat, dogs use panting and a small amount of sweat that comes out of their foot pads as a way to cool their bodies down. However, this doesn’t always cool dogs down fast enough. In cases where dogs are facing extreme weather or are exercising, it is smart to provide your dog with extra assistance.
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Canine Cooler Global Warming, Canine Cooling Global warming isn’t just going on outside; it’s taking place in our homes! All the appliances and electronic devices we own produce a tremendous amount of heat which warms up our homes. This can be unpleasant for pets left indoors all day while we’re at work, particularly long-haired breeds. Don’t let your pets overheat while you’re away, find out more about cooling pet beds here...

Caring For a Longhaired Dog in the Summer Summer is the best time of the year to trim your hair and pick out a brand new bathing suit to stay cool. Unfortunately for Fido, it takes more than a trip to the groomers to keep their tail’s wagging when the mercury starts to rise. Pooches with long and thick fur coats can suffer during the summer months, so it’s important to make sure that your pet is comfortable. CLICK HERE to learn new ways to keep your dog cool in the summer.
Cooling Dog Bed Information

The Cool Bed III. is a cool dog bed that draws the heat away from your pet while providing a comfortable place to relax. The fur on your dog keeps them warm in the winter; however, in the heat of summer the fur has a tendency to hold the heat in and may cause severe medical conditions. This cool dog bed has been specifically designed to prevent overheating, heat exhaustion, and dehydration.

We not only offer cool dog beds and other cooling products just for pets, but also for pet owners. From popular demand, The Chillow was created. The Chillow has the same features that cool dog beds have, but is smaller. The Chillow is great for those who want coolness while they're relaxing. The Chillow is specially designed to fit inside your pillow cover, so you can feel the benefits throughout the night. Not only can the Chillow keep your pet cool in the heat, but it can keep you cool too.

We know the importance of keeping your pet healthy. Summers can be a harsh and we strive to provide a cool pet bed that will keep your pet cool and comfortable. Our goal is to give pet owners Cooling Pet Beds that are safe and reliable. We take pride in the cool dog beds that we carry and only offer top-rated cooling pet beds that will exceed your expectations. At PetStreetMall you get the pet products you deserve.

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