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Dog Gates now 30%-60% OFF! pet gates are the best solution when it comes to restricting access into a room. A pet gate is common for stairways, rooms, patios, and kitchens. Designed to allow traffic to enter and exit while restricting the dog. A dog gate is inexpensive and will provide years of functionality. Also great for young children... read more
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Every item at Pet Street Mall is manufactured from top-rated companies. We have hand selected each product to insure that our customers are getting the highest quality. We have everything from standard, elongated, plastic, metal, wooden, and wide gates. Keep your dog out of the kitchen, away from company, and off the expensive furniture! Whatever size opening you have to block, we have the perfect solution. We also carry gates to match every color of interior in your house. Don�t worry if you have a larger dog that likes to jump, we have tall gates just for them.

Dog Gate Articles

What Gate Is Best For Me and My Dog? As a dog owner, it is important that boundaries be set up for your dog. These boundaries are important because it establishes security for your family, your personal property, and your dog�s health. The best way to do this is with a dog gate. Currently, there are many different styles of gates and some require different kinds of alterations to your home. If you are a home owner, you�ve spent a great deal of money and countless hours working putting together your house. You may be hesitant to make these alterations unless it�s absolutely necessary. We have all of the information about the three different styles of dog gates available today: pressure mounted gates, freestanding gates, and hardware mounted gates. Learn More...

Gates for Larger Dogs If you own a larger dog and are shopping for a gate, you will need to choose a gate that will keep your pup safe. The key is to make sure you have a strong and tall dog gate to ensure that your dog will not escape. Here at PetStreetMall, we have all of the information about dog gates and which gate is best for you. Learn More...

Dog Proof Your House Dogs chewing up furniture and property is one of the main worries of dog owners. The key to stopping this behavior is dog proofing your house through the use of dog gates. Here at petstreetmall, we have all of the information you need about dog gates and dog proofing your house.Learn More...

Stairs Can Be Dangerous for Dogs
Providing your dog and your family with a pet gate that blocks the stairs from your pup is a smart move. Many dogs are prone to injuries and the laborious task of climbing up and down stairs just further accentuates these problems. Without proper training, dogs can also cause accidents involving the stairs. For any dog owner, a dog gate would be beneficial. Learn More...

How Much Should You Spend on a Pet Gate? It doesn�t matter where you live, if you have a clumsy or curious pooch, you need to have a dog gate to keep them in bounds. Yet, even something as simple and easy to use as a dog gate can become difficult to purchase when you start comparing styles, models and prices. Luckily, we analyzed some popular choices for pet owners. CLICK HERE to see which dog gates fits your needs.

Dog Gate Information

Configuregate Pet Gates
The Configuregate is able to conform around odd or unusual shaped areas. One of the only dog gates that can accommodate straight lines, angles and other adjustments in to 10�increments, the Configuregate is perfect for most households and merely all gating needs. The white, elegant, non-toxic coating is easy to clean and will appeal to any household designs and features. Standing 29�" high, this gate can be used for both toddlers and pets. The Configuregate is easy to assemble and also has additional extensions available.

Wide Stairway Pet Gates
This gate is great for larger stairwells, kitchens, and other larger areas that need to be closed off from your pets. The Wide Stairway Pet Gate is manufactured with durable deluxe wood that will block an entrance over 5 feet long. This gate also stands 30 inches high; this will keep even your large breed dogs in the designated area. The door has a childproof feature that will serve both as a pet gate and a children�s gate.

Extra Wide Swing Pet Gates
Wide Dog Gates can stretch a span as wide as 103 inches or an astonishing 8.5 feet. The wide gate allows coverage over large areas like kitchens, living rooms, and dining room. Some of these gates offer doors that will either swing or slide open for easy accessibility into the room. Most of these doors will need to be mounted onto the wall to provide additional secureness.

Deluxe Pet Gates
The Deluxe Dog Gates serves many purposes and can construct in 5 different ways including a temporary gate and a mounted gate. In additional to the multi-use, the specialized door sockets are designed to provide additional support and holding power. Also some houses have iron railings which had very few products that will be able to accommodate this particular railing; the Deluxe Pet Gate is specially designed to fit iron railings as well. This Pet gate is extremely functional on every type of door and wall.

Top Notch Pet Gates
The Top Notch gate is inexpensive and durable. This Pet Gate stands 23� high and will block an area that spans 28�-41� wide. The adjustable pressure-mounted system allows installment within seconds and the comfort of a secure fit. Made for convenience, the Top Notch Pet Gate is great for small-medium size dogs and is easy to step over.

Wire Mesh Pet Gates
Wire Mesh Gates are much taller than normal gates. Reaching 32� tall will keep large dogs in the designated area. With the quick and easy pressure mounts, the Wire Mesh Gates will not puncture, damage, nor scar walls and other fixtures. This gate is designed with a hardwood frames to give additional stability and sturdiness. This product is safe for every size and type of pets.

Diamond Mesh Pet Gates
The Diamond Mesh Pet Gate is a quick and simple solution. Requiring no tools or any other hardware, this gate will be ready to use once you take it out of the box. The Diamond Mesh is great for small to medium size dogs and allows an easy path to step over for adults. With dimensions of 26�- 42� wide and 23� high, offers great coverage for most doors and entry ways. Built with a durable wood frame will provide additional strength. The mesh panels will provide optimum safety for both your pets and young children.

Auto Close Dog Gates
The One Touch Auto Close Automatic Pet Gate is by far one of the easiest, if not the easiest gate to manage. Commonly used at stairways and bedrooms, this gate is designed to lift up on the handle to open. The gate will essentially do all the work once the lift is pulled; it will automatically close and lock for extra safety. The One Touch Auto Close can either be pressure mounted or hardware mounted in between doors. For the most security and safety, we recommend hardware mounting it if it is going to be used at the top any stairway, especially if there are young children in the house. The Pet Gate also comes with a child-proof locking hand wheel door. If you are looking for quality, functionality, and safety than you are looking for the One Touch Auto Close.

Pressure Pet Gates
The Pressure Gate confuses several people. This gate looks as if it is mounted on the wall; however, the gate is merely held by the pressure in between the walls. Made to withstand the pressure of large dogs, this gate can definitely is durable with its all metal material. We understand the importance of functionality and style, that�s why we spent additional time to produce a product that is ascetically pleasing to the eyes and the strongest non-mounted barrier of the market. The Pressure Gate is available in black, brown, and white. Keep all the tool in the garage and use the best non-mounted pet gate on the market. Once you take your gate out of the box, you will be able to use it within moments.

Clearview Pet Gates
The Clearview Pet Gate is ideal for small to medium dogs. Standing 23� tall will allow easy step over for most adults. Made with strong, durable, plastic panels will prevent climbing and jumping. The Clearview Dog gate is easy to clean and will provide year of functionality.

Expandable Swinging Pet Gates
Expandable Swing Gates is the easiest gate to manage. The gate will be able to open and close smoothly and quickly and can reach across a span of 24� to 60�. The Expandable Swing Gate is made with deluxe wood that allows both the pet and the pet owner to see in and out while the gate is in use. Need a gate that can swing in either direction? This gate will be able to swing in both directions, making it for placement.

Stairway Pet Gates
The Stairway Special Dog Gate is great for both inside and outside use. Lightweight, durable, and rustproof gate will allow this gate to be mounted on merely any type of stairway. Available in white or black, the Stairway Special Gate will look good on the patio, porch, and near other necessary stairways to be coverage. Keep your dogs and children out of harm�s way with a gate that can be used inside and outside.

Autolock Pet Gate
Autolock Pet Gates will let pet owners slip in and out of rooms quickly. This gate is great for dogs that stand at the gate waiting for the door to open so they can escape. Even the smartest dog will not be able to open this Pet Gate. The Autolock Pet gate is great for pet owners who always have their hands full and are constantly going from room to room. With easy and quick installation, you will be able to receive and start using your gate within minutes of getting out of the box.

Duragate Pet Gate
Duragate Pet Gate is one of the strongest and most durable Pet Gates on the market. Completely made with steel will insure years of usage. The Duragate Pet Gate comes in either white or taupe and is powder coated to allow easy cleaning. Standing a staggering 29.5 inches tall, this gate is ideal for pets that are large and typically jump. Duragate also offer both vertical and horizontal extensions, which will allow you to customize the the gate to the height and width desired. The one-handed open and closings features will keep allow adults to enter and exit freely. With the ability to mount this Pet Gate at any angle gives this gate much diversity. When you take your gate out of the box, it will already be re-assembled; this will allow the get the snap the pieces together and use it immediately. Whatever your gate needs are, know the Duragate will have you covered.

Angle Mount Wood Pet Gates
The Angle Mount Wood Pet Gate combines fashion and functionality. Made with the finest hardwoods, this gate will definitely complement the natural beauty of your house. Keeping safety, security, and elegance was the main focus while designing a product for your house and your pet. The Angle Mount Wood Gate is great for stairs and other rooms that would benefit from a fully swingable gate that opens in either direction. The gate stands 31� tall and will fits opening of 28.5� to 43� wide.

Walk Thru Pet Gates
Walk Thru Pet Gates are easy to install and operate. With the use of one hand, you will be able to open, close, and lock the gate without a struggle. When not in use, just swing the gate open and enjoy walking through without the worries or hassle. These gates are capable to block areas from 26� to 41� wide and 26� tall.

Elongate Pet Gates
Elongate Pet Gates are ideal for larger openings that range from 48� to 60� in width. This particular gate has the ability to add extensions which will increase the opening capability anywhere from 5� to 13�. The Elongated Pet Gates will mount onto the wall for extra safety and security. The door can be installed on either end of the gate and will open and close with one hand. This gate is great for living rooms, kitchens, and larger stairways.

Portable Gates
Portable gates are a simple short-term solution. Setting up does not require any tools or any other type of hardware. These gates can be put up and taken down in a matter of seconds and will not need to be mounted on the wall or any other fixtures. Using four non-skid, non-marking pads will protect your walls from damage while providing a firm grip. These gates are light, some weighing less than 5 pounds. We have a wide selection of sizes to choose from as well as different heights. We know you will not find better deals of Pet Gates on the web!

Hearthgate Pet Gates
The Hearthgate is most commonly used around fireplaces, stairways, and doorways to keep your pets and children away from the danger zone. With five separate sections, you will be able to maneuver around odd shaped objects. Each section can adjust in 10� increments, allowing for straight lines and angled areas. Built to last, this gate is made of strong tubular steel that is coated with a black, non-toxic, heat resistant finish that will clean up easily if it gets dirty. Also comes with a pass-through gate which allows people to come and go without having to step over and completely remove the structure all together.

Wood Center Pet Gates
Wood Center Gate will give an instant barrier without spending countless hours of assembling and installing the parts and piece. Keep your screw drivers and hammer in the tool box because assembling will take moments. The Wood Gate, model G35, is simple to open and close and doesn�t require taking the whole fixture down. Simply unlock, walk through and close; the main U-shape frame will stay mounted while entering and exiting the room. The natural beech wood will essentially match any and every interior.

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