Owning a Dog Without a Fenced-In Backyard

Billionaire Bill Gates had a pretty good summary of technology.


"The advance of technology is based on making it fit so that you don't really even notice it, so it's a part of everyday life."

For pet owners, this advancement in technology is apparent in the interactive toys they give their animals to play with, the different types of leashes they use to walk them and most recently, the way we keep their dogs safe in the backyard.

If you have a pooch, then you know that the most exciting part of your dog's day is taking a trip outside. Whether you're taking them for a stroll to use the bathroom or just letting them run around in the yard, there are few things as pleasant for a pooch than getting some fresh air after hours of being cooped up inside. Unfortunately, for pet owners that don't have a fenced in yard, they have to tether their dogs to a post or keep them on a leash... until now.


Thanks to new developments in training collars, WiFi and wireless dog fences, dog owners are able to let their dogs play in the backyard without the use of a physical fence. This exciting technology is able to give dogs a sense of freedom in the backyard and train them to stay put without ever leaving the property. Plus, no one will ever notice wireless dog fences, unlike a traditional wooden or chain link fence. Below are some popular options of wireless dog fences that are being used by pet owners all over the world:

  • PetSafe Standard Wireless Fence: This is the leading Wireless Dog Fence on the market. The collar is waterproof and the system creates a boundary circle with a 180 Ft. diameter, which gives Fido plenty of room to stretch his legs while being bordered to a safe area.
  • PetSafe Comfort Contact Wireless Fence: This is just like the Standard Wireless Fence by PetSafe, but with "Comfort Contact" points on the collar. This is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin that may be irritated by the stimulating training collar. Also, some pet owners with long haired dogs have said that these collars feel "more natural" than the standard PetSafe collar.
  • Stay and Play: If you have a backyard with a lot of space, you may want to consider a wireless dog fence that has the ability of having a larger boundary zone. The Stay and Play offers a large ¾ acre space for Fido to frolic. Specially engineered for dogs with timid or mild demeanors, the Stay and Play system can be set up within an hour and comes with 5 adjustable levels of correction to train your dog to stay near the house while they're outside.



A Cheaper Alternative To Traditional Dog Fences

Quality Wireless Dog Fences aren't exactly cheap. Depending on which make and model you choose, you can expect to spend more than $200 on a quality system, which might sound like a lot, but when you compare it to a traditional fence to wrap around your yard, it's actually an extremely affordable alternative.


According to a local contractor, even if you have small backyard, use inferior lumber and do most of the labor yourself, a wooden picket fence will still cost more than $500, which doesn't even include all of the trips to the hardware store.

By this estimate, dog owners who purchase wireless dog fences instead of traditional fences are saving hundreds of dollars. So, if you're looking for a way to keep Fido bound in your backyard, consider saving some bucks with a wireless dog fence; it can keep more money in your pocket while training your pooch to stay put on your property.

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By Sean Bowes