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Dog Doors eliminate the daily hassle of letting your pet in and out. Here you will find a high quality doggie door that will allow your pet access inside or out all day at their own leisure. These doggie doors are great for patios, pool areas, and screened in porches. Enjoy the freedoms of life with a dog door Today!

Any of these doors will give you and your pet more freedom. Dogs want to go outside at inconvenient moments; when your favorite television show is on, in the middle of cooking dinner, while you are sleeping or even when they just hear a noise. Their own door will free you from having leave the tv, stop cooking, or wake up to meet your their needs. Dog Doors will save you time and energy while giving you the ability to relax more.

You and your pet will be able to enjoy a newfound sense of freedom. Just like humans, dogs enjoy spending time getting fresh air, sun bathing, and running around. The door will give your dog plenty of opportunities to go outside to use the restroom, play and relax. Letting them choose when to go outside or inside will promote better behaviors through allowing them to run off their energy and release aggression. Try one of our Dog Doors in your home today and see that difference it will make.

Dog Doors
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We also have Patio Pet Doors as well! Please click here to view our selection.

PetSafe Dog Doors
PetSafe Plastic Freedom Dog Door PetSafe Plastic
Dog Door
Starting at: $24.99
PetSafe Aluminum Freedom Dog Door PetSafe Aluminum
Dog Door
Starting at: $39.99
PetSafe SmartDoor PetSafe Electronic
Smart Door
Starting at: $94.95
PetSafe Pet Screen Door PetSafe Pet
Screen Door
Starting at: $22.99
Staywell and Endura Dog Doors
Staywell 4 Way Locking Flap Staywell 4 Way
Locking Flap

  • White Finish
  • Easy to Fit with
    Full Instructions
  • Lockable Panel
Starting at: $34.99
Staywell Plastic Dog Door Staywell Plastic
Dog Door
  • White Finish
  • Easy to Fit with
    Full Instructions
  • Lockable Panel
Starting at: $18.99
Endura Wall Mount Door Endura Wall
Mount Door

Single Flap
Double Flap Starting at: $289
Endura Door Mount Door Endura Door
Mount Door

Single Flap
Double Flap Starting at: $209
Endura Flap Kennel Door Endura Flap
Kennel Door
  • External trim frame
  • Flexible safety flap
  • Sturdy metal frame
Starting at: $249
Dog Doors Accessories
Replacement Pet Door Flaps Pet Door Replacement Flaps
Pet Door Flaps may crack,
break, or tear under
extreme circumstances.
Pet Door Installation Kit Pet Door Installation Kit
This kit minimizes temperature leakage and creates a water resistant seal around the frame.
Pet Door Smart Key Pet Door Smart Key
SmartKey conveniently fits on pet's everyday collar. Priced at: $24.99
Dog Door Articles

As a dog owner it can be a nuisance to have to wake up in the middle of the night just to let your dog outside. You have to work all day, devote time to your significant other and/or children, so who has the energy to sacrifice precious sleep time. The best answer to this problem is a dog door, designed to give your dog the freedom that he needs to be self-reliant. With a one-time installation, your night time wake up calls will disappear. But how do you install one into your existing door? Learn More...

How to Install My Dog Door on a Screen Door If you have a lanai or a sliding glass door that leads out into your back yard, installing a dog door may seem a little daunting. Luckily, there are products and manufacturers that are specifically aimed at these circumstances. Here at Pet Street Mall, we have all of the information on the best products and all of the tips on how to make a smooth installation.Learn More...

Keeping Rodents Out With an Electric Door Dog doors are a convenient way of giving your pooch the personal freedom to use the backyard whenever they feel the urge. They can also make potty training easier and it promotes exercise by letting Fido out without needing a leash, but it also leaves your home vulnerable to pests and rodents. With the �classic� style of Doggie Doors, there is little (if any) security. Click Here to see the newest way to keep out unwanted visitors with Electronic Doggie Doors.

Keeping Warm With A Doggie Door If allowing your dog to relieve his or herself on their own schedule sounds appealing, then a doggie door is probably in your future. However, when considering this appealing alternative to walking Fido around the neighborhood in the elements, it's important to also consider the ramifications of compromising the insulation of your home by installing a door that, technically, always is open. Click Here for important Doggie Door Information.

Help Your Home 'Endura' With A Dog Door If you own a dog, undoubtedly, you've heard of or have been envious of someone with a dog door. And there's no reason not to be; dog owners with dog doors never get up in the middle of the night to walk their pooch. However, dog doors can compromise the integrity of your home. After all, it's basically a hole in the door capable of letting the home's atmosphere out and pests from the outside in. But, with Endura dog doors, that doesn't have to be the case. CLICK HERE to learn how an Endura door can benefit your home.

Dog Doors

Patio Pet Doors

Electrionic Dog Doors are great for homes with pets and small children or near other animals. They are designed to open like a door, using a key. The key is placed on the pet's collar and signals the door to unlock when the pet approaches. Only the pet with the key has the ability to exit and enter through the door. Securely shuts to prevent other animals from entering the house. It has the ability to recognize as many as five different keys. Want the best? Then you need the only one that will lock behind your pet.

Weatherproof Dog Doors are extremely important for pet owners who experience extreme weather conditions. They have three different flaps that prevent the weather from coming in and the air or heat escaping out. Waterproof Dog Doors are great at reducing energy cost with energy efficiency up to an astounding 3.5 times higher than single flap doors.

Aluminum Dog Doors are the most durable on the market. Constructed for larger breeds of dog and will withstand years of use and abuse. Plastic models have a tendency to get damaged by the aggressiveness and greater strength of larger dogs. This particular door is more expensive than the others, but is still one of our more popular doors because of its rugged durability.

We have every type of door for dogs on the market to best fit your and your pet's needs. Get your pet the most advance door available with an Electric Door. If you are looking for a door that can withstand the weather then a Weatherproof Door is just the item that you need. Whatever your needs are, we know that we will have the perfect solution for you and your pet.

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