The History of Garmin and Their GPS Trackers

In 1989, two friends came together to form a company. The duo, Gary Burrell and Min Kao, combined their first names to make the name of the now legendary brand: Garmin. For a few years, the two partners worked to create the latest navigation tools on the market. However, because of their products' cutting edge equipment, they decided that it would be best to only sell their merchandise to large businesses or corporations.

For three years, Gary and Min continued to develop their GPS units until they eventually got their first customer: the U.S. Army. Within four years, their contract with the Army, as well as few other choice customers, allowed them to achieve a profit of $23 million. By 1999, their sales had reached $223 million and their profits were still soaring. Many of their products were made specifically for automobiles and boats, however in the last ten years the company has branched out to many different areas, including dog collars.

Garmin Introduces Pet Products

For some pet owners, dropping a couple hundred bucks on a GPS tracking collar for their dog seems unnecessary. However, for many outdoorsmen and hunters, the investment of knowing their dog's location has become a priceless peace of mind. The Garmin GPS Collars were engineered to locate dogs in harsh conditions and difficult terrain. In fact, many of their systems are used on Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs. Many modern SAR teams have reduced the amount of time and increased area coverage with use of new GPS dog collar tracking technology. These collars allow reliable location tracking of the dogs to up to 10 miles, more than sufficient for the average avalanche recovery area of a quarter mile.

However, the folks at Garmin didn't invent this dog tracking technology, they only worked to improve it. In 2011, Garmin acquired Tri-Tronics and their 45-year-old history in tracking dogs. This merger has resulted in the best dog tracking systems on the market. The Garmin Astro is able to handle 10 dogs that they can watch on a handheld screen. Furthermore, the system can tell you if your dog is moving or stationary, which is a great way to know if your dog is injured or not. Plus, the battery can last up to 50 hours, so you can go into the wilderness with your pooches without having worry about charging your gear.

The Abilities of Garmin's Top Tracking Collars

In the last five years, Garmin has become the most sought after manufacturer of dog tracking devices. Their products have an endless list of abilities and were built to take abuse in any conditions. Plus, Garmin stands behind their product with a one-year manufacturers warranty.

When you use a Garmin tracking device, every five seconds your dog's collar can transmit his position to your handheld unit and you can see his current location and a trail of where he's been on the digital map. You can also switch over to the dog tracker page to view a compass pointing to your dog's location and see his current status: whether he's running, sitting, or circling you a tree, you can know exactly what your dog is up, even if he is miles away. The Astro also can let you know when your dog is barking, even if he's outside of audible range.

Even if your dog is too far away, you will still know the direction of the dog's location. You can also choose the duration that each dog's Tracklog is viewed on the display, or toggle it off completely.

According to Garmin, the Astro System boasts a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that is mounted to the top of the collar so that can track your dog's position even in heavy rain or deep canyons. So, if you're looking for a quality system for your dog, consider a brand that has been in the GPS and Tracking business for decades. Consider Garmin.

If you're looking to track your pooch with a Garmin Dog Tracking System, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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