Maintaining Your Drinkwell Fountain

One of the best parts about owning a Drinkwell Fountain is the reliability and low-maintenance that is involved with the high-tech dog bowl. On most days, a pet owner just needs to check to make sure the water is at an adequate level and carry on with the rest of their chores. However, to make sure your pet is getting the cleanest water possible, there is some light cleaning that should be done on a regular basis.

Disassembly of the fountain is fairly simple. There are multiple parts including the lid, filter, housing, base, and pump. The lid and filter are simply pulled out from the base. The housing, which is the main vertical standing part, has two hooks that release when pressed in. The base contains a flow control knob and a guard for the pump that removes easily. The pump is located at the bottom of the base and can be easily removed with a quarter turn and pull.

Now that the fountain is disassembled, cleaning can begin. A few different sized brushes should do the trick. When you are cleaning the pump, you should notice a small device called the impeller that controls the water flow of the pump. This should be removed and scrubbed as well as the area from which it was pulled out. This will ensure the pump does not have hair or debris in it that can clog the pump. The pump should be cleaned once a week for optimal use. A light scrubbing with mild soap is fine for cleaning the entire bowl. Pet owners should consider using vinegar instead of bleach for heavy cleaning.

Rinse It Clean

The housing contains a riser tube. This is plastic cylinder is where the water gets pumped up through. During regular cleaning, be sure to use a brush to insure that any loose particles are brushed loose before rinsing. Make sure to rinse the lid, too. The filter should be replaced every 2-4 weeks but it is recommended to replace the filter more frequently if multiple pets are using the fountain.

Once finished with the cleaning, reassembly is simple. Be sure to remember how everything was taken apart and where each piece goes. This is basic and not complicated. No tools are necessary. Just clip everything back into place.

Refill the Your Drinkwell Fountain.

Refilling the water is as simple as lifting the lid and pouring water in. The frequency of refilling depends on how many pets are using the fountain and how big their thirst happens to be. Since this timeframe varies, check frequently in the beginning until you get an idea of your pet's water consumption.

The type of water used can be very important in the maintenance of your fountain. Harder water can cause calcium buildup that can cause the pump to clog or filters to break down sooner. Harder water means more maintenance but will still work fine in the fountain. Using harder tap water also means replacing your carbon filter more often. Typically a filter is fine to use for one month, but with harder tap water it should be replaced every two weeks.

Life may be easier now that you have a Drinkwell fountain and your pet may be happier, but that doesn't mean there isn't a little work to be done still. Keep up regularly on maintenance and your fountain should last quite a long time.

By: Sean Bowes
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