Perimeter Technologies is a Leading Brand of Electronic Dog Fences. Perimeter Dog Fence features the innovative design of Comfort Contacts that cushion your pet’s neck with soft rubber. This ensures pet safety and comfort without the use of harsh steel probes used in other electronic dog fences. Perimeter is the only company to use the Comfort Contact rubber cushions. Perimeter Technologies provides do-it-yourself dog fence kits and training collars with pet comfort and safety in mind. Perimeter Technogies is safer by design and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Featured Product
Quantum leap in Technology!
click here Perimeter PTPWF-100
  • WiFI Rechargeable Dog Fence Technology
  • Quantum Leap in Technology with the 802.15 WiFi Protocol
  • Base Smart Station for vital information display
  • 2.5 acres of coverge
  • Rechargable Battery System
WiFi Rechargable Dog Fence
Perimeter PTPWF-100
Perimeter Technologies
Starting At

- 500 ft of 20 Gauge Wire
- No Fast Track Wire
- No Lightning Protector

Starting At

- Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Wire
- Checks battery every 2 hours
- Flexibility of changing the frequency
Starting At

- 500 ft of 20 Gauge Wire
- 20 Gauge Fast Track Wire
- Lightning Protector
Starting At

- Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Wire
- 18 Gauge Fast Track Wire
- Lightning Protector
Starting At

- WiFi Rechargable Dog Fence Technology
- 2.5 acres of coverge
- Rechargable Battery System

Perimeter Technologies provide the safest electronic dog fences available for your pet today. Here at Pet Street Mall we know Perimeter is a team that you can trust. Experience and Innovation is what Perimeter brings to pet safety and pet comfort. All Perimeter Technologies products are made of tough materials and will resist pet ware and damage. You can know comfort safety is in the design of all Perimeter dog training collars, Perimeter bark control collars and their Perimeter Dog fencing systems to be top of the line.

Perimeter Technologies Comfort Contact Contain Systems

These electronic dog fences are intelligently designed with features that make it safer and more comfortable for your pet. Perimeter designs provides Comfort Contacts cushion to protect your pet’s neck with soft rubber. Anyone can see the pet safety factor in the use of soft rubber vs. harder metal probes other companies use. Perimeter Technologies have the exclusive use of such innovation.

With do-it-yourself Perimeter Technologies electronic dog fence kits there is flexiblity in setting up boundaries for your dog. This flexibility allows you to keep your pets out of the flower garden or vegetable garden. You can even define the boundaries around your children's play area and provide not just pet safety but for your children as well.

Perimeter electronic dog fences come in a variety of choices for the pet owner with 18 or 20 gauge wire with lightning protection. These systems can provide pet fencing up to 5 acres in any shape for as many dogs as you need. In fact, each dog's collar can be programmed custom correction levels depending on the dog's temperament.

Perimeter Technologies Training System

Perimeter dog training collars provide a clearer radio signal that ensure a more reliable connection with your dog in almost any environment. Perimeter Technologies provide an excellent range for training your dog up to a quarter mile. The dog training collars features multiple levels of stimulation. The lower levels are perfect for more gentle training technique while the higher levels are provided for more determined dogs.

The Perimeter dog training systems were designed to work in different climate environments. Perimeter dog training collars are submersible in water and the transmitters are Weatherproof. The lightweight remotes are easy to use and are made in mind for the beginner to the professional.

Perimeter Technologies Bark Control Collar

Training your pet who exhibits excessive dog barking should be done in a safe manner for the dog. Perimeter Bark Control Collar does just that with the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the bark detection probes. Your electronic bark control collar cannot be activated by any other dog barking. As a dog owner you can adjust the settings to allow or disallow any other vocalization than a bark. With Perimeter bark control dog collar the pet safety and pet comfort of your pet is the first in consideration when designing products.

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