Muttluks Dog Boots on Sale for 2 Days at 30% OFF. Protect your pet’s paws from harsh environments. Ideal for extreme weather conditions, especially in the winter. Protect, warm, and keep your pet’s paws clean and dry. Dog Shoes and Dog Boots come in a variety of colors and sizes, so that you'll be able to meet your pet's needs. Check out our vast selection and see for yourself the difference they'll make. We have Low Prices and Free Shipping on all orders over $50.

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Muttluks Articles
Why Is It So Important to Protect the Paw? The earliest references to walking over a bed of hot embers and hot coals come from the Iron Age of India in 1200 BCE. Over the years, this ritual has been used as a religious ceremony, a test of strength, and a test of bravery. Today, the ceremony is not as mythic in nature. It is used across the world in team building exercises and support groups. Funny enough, humans do not attempt to put their feet in harm’s way unless it is for some sort of ritual. In fact, we wear shoes everywhere we go to protect our feet. Unfortunately for dogs, their feet often go unprotected. Oftentimes, dogs’ paw pads are injured from walking on surfaces that are too hot or too cold. If you are a pet owner, it is important to be able to recognize how these injuries happen and how to treat an injured paw. But more importantly, it is vital for you to prevent these injuries from ever happening. Learn More...

Treating an Injured Paw Pad: Use Muttluks Foot pad injuries are very common for dogs. Without the proper treatment, minor foot pad injuries can open up and even become infected. The best thing you can do as a pet owner is be on the lookout for these injuries and be aware of what to do to help them heal. At PetStreetMall, we have all of the tips and information to help you do this. Learn More...

Hot Heat Can Cause Horrible Pain For Pooches Paws Everyone is happy in the summer months. It’s the best time of year to go on a vacation, hit a swimming pool or grill some hamburgers on the patio. Sadly, it’s the worst season for our four legged friends. Between a hot fur coat and blistered paws from the asphalt, it can be tough on Fido. CLICK HERE to see how to cool off your pup’s paws this summer.

Muttluks Information

Muttluks are for your pet's paws all year round. We have the largest selection of sizes and color to offer your pet so they won't suffer any longer. If your pet has sensitive paws, they will be able to guard their paws from harsh gravel or other rough grounds. Muttluks are used worldwide on show dogs, household dogs, competition dogs, and many more paws. Muttluks are used for multiple purposes and can aid in the healing of paw injuries. Browse through our complete line and see what size will fit your pet’s paws; we have sizes that will fit the smallest pet in your family to the largest. Shop Now and Save Now with a pair of Fleece-Lined, All Weather, or even Non-Skid.

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What is the difference between Fleece-Lined and All Weather Muttluks?

All Weather Muttluks

will protect your pet’s paws from scolding hot pavement or freezing cold ground. All Weather Muttluks are designed for year round use, shielding your pet's paws from changing temperatures. They are ideal in regions where the winters don't get extremely cold. For colder climates try the Fleece-Lined Model.

Fleece-Lined Muttluks

are lined with a fleece interior that will keep your pet’s paws warm. These Fleece-Lined model can be worn in fall and winter months to keep your pet’s paws protected. The waterproof exterior will keep your pet's paws clean and dry.

Dog Booties

are great for beaches, lakes, and ponds. With the inability to see underneath the water makes it even more critical to keep your pet’s paws protected from sharp shells, glass, and other debris in the water. Protect your pet’s paws throughout the entire year. They come with a self-tightening strap to adjust the snugness of the boot on your pet. It will only take your pet minutes to become accustom to their new Muttluks.

A pet's paws can become extremely sensitive to the harsh weather conditions. Protecting your pet’s feet is just as important as protecting your feet. Muttluks are great for hot or cold and rough or smooth ground.

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