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Garmin Astro GPS: Premium Dog Tracking System As the world leader in GPS systems you’d expect Garmin to come up with something good. But even by their exacting standards the Astro 320 GPS is a very impressive piece of kit indeed. Combining a high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS (global navigation satellite system) technology with its bulletproof build quality (water, humidity, dirt and dust proof), the Astro stands as one of the finest dog tracking systems available. Learn More...

GPS Technology Improves Dog Tracking GPS technology has revolutionized how we drive, how we navigate through bustling cities or uninhabited open country. It’s also revolutionized tracking dogs in any weather and across any terrain. Garmin is the #1 name in GPS devices and its Astro GPS receiver sets new standards for dog tracking. With the Astro you can track 10 dogs at a distance of 9 miles from the palm of your hand. Learn More...

Social Media-izing Your Pooch Social media has evolved from changing the way we look at friends’ pictures and laughing at clever status updates to a whole other animal altogether, literally. Now, it’s not just people who make up the social media landscape on the Internet; dogs are staking their claim to social media sites, such as Instagram, as well. Many “dog” accounts have thousands of followers just waiting to see what kind of cuteness or mischief your pup will get into today. Learn More...

The History of Garmin and Their GPS Trackers Hunters and outdoorsmen have known for years that no one makes a dog tracking system that can compete with the quality of a Garmin tracking collar. However, many dog owners aren’t aware of the interesting history on how Garmin became the most respected name in tracking and GPS systems. CLICK HERE to see how Garmin became the best manufacturer of all tracking devices.
World Class Trainers Are Switching To Garmin Training a dog is one of the most challenging parts about having a pet. On one hand, you want to be able to enjoy your time with your dog without having to spend too much energy on training; yet you still want to be able to feel that your dog can safely appreciate the outdoors, especially if you are a hunter. Recently, they have developed some innovative dog collars. CLICK HERE to learn why more and more dog trainers are switching to Garmin.
Garmin Astro Information
Garmin Astro is a leader when it comes to GPS for dogs. They design, develop, and manufacture a diverse line of user-friendly products, such as their Astro 320 GPS-Enable Dog Tracking System .

Astro GPS Dog Tracking Systems are what professionals and hunting enthusiasts rely on for an accurate geographical location of their dogs. The Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System is light weight, waterproof, and has a battery life of 20-24 hours. Ranging anywhere from 5-9 miles, the dog GPS tracker will keep pet owners informed about various information while on the trail. The Astro GPS also has the ability to add maps, track logs, and area calculation.

Not only are Astro GPS Dog Tracking Systems considered to the best on the market, but will provide pet owners with an ample amount of information when on the trails. Check out Astro 320 GPS-Enable Dog Tracking System. Pet Street Mall has the Lowest Prices on Astro Products and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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