Dog Life Jacket

Dog Life Jackets And Dog Life Vests:
  • Pet Life Jackets keep dogs safe around water, on a boat, and at the pool.
  • Pet Life Vests are great for working dogs, younger dogs, and older dogs.
  • Come in safety colors such as bright yellow or orange and
    made of thick, durable vinyl-coated foam with heavy-duty safety buckles.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to best fit your pet.
  • Save up to 40% OFF and get FREE SHIPPING on select Dog Life Jackets!

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    Dog Life Jackets: Because Fido Wants to Play Too People think that dogs are good swimmers but the reality is that no dog will ever win Olympic Gold for swimming and many breeds can’t swim at all. If you want to keep your pet safe while you’re near water you should ensure it is wearing a pet life jacket. Days out on a boat, fun at the beach or the lake, or simply relaxing by the pool – with a life jacket your pooch can have just as much fun as the rest of the family. Learn More...

    Not All Dogs Can Swim If you like to spend time out on your boat or at the beach or just like to hang out around your pool, it’s always great to have the whole family with you, including your dog. Unfortunately, it’s not as fun if you have to worry the whole time. Some dogs are not built to swim, but by utilizing a dog life vest, you can wash all your worries away.
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    The 5 Best Swimming Dogs Over time, more and more breeds of dogs have emerged. Now, it’s to the point that two different breeds of dogs almost seem like different species. And to a certain extent, this is kind of true when it comes to swimming. Some dogs have been bred to be great swimmers, while there are others that need help in the water. Check out more here...

    Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water No matter if you’re on a boat, by the pool or taking a trip near the ocean, it is important for your dog to wear a life vest no matter what their swimming ability. There are a variety of vests for small and large dogs to protect him or her against the danger of drowning. It’s important to realize that even if you have a Black Lab that loves the water or a Pug that is scared of a faucet, if you plan on swimming with your pooch, safety should be a concern. CLICK HERE to see a lineup of the latest life jackets made specifically for dogs.

    Teaching Your Dog How To Swim It’s one the scariest things in the world for a dog that doesn’t like the water…the second that their paws can’t touch the floor. There is nothing worse than watching a panicking pooch, so it’s important to introduce your dog to water at an early age. CLICK HERE to see how you can safely bring your dog into the water the next time at the pool.

    Dog Life Jackets Information

    Dog Life Jackets are a great solution for pet owners with a pool or those who frequent beaches or lakes. A dog life vest or Jacket will provide your pet the same protection that a life jacket provides a child. Just strap your pet into their comfortable pet life vest and let them have fun in the water. Got a boat? Don't worry about your pet falling out when they have a pet life jacket on! No more constant supervision when your pet is near the pool. A dog life vest is designed to keep your pet safe around any body of water.

    We've got all the necessary pet supplies for aquatic activity for your dog(s). We carry several dog life jackets in many different styles and colors. Our dog life vests are proven to keep your pet safe around water and are made from the highest quality materials available. Order a pet life jacket or Vest today and receive it in time for your next vacation!

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