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Dog Car Seats let you bring your pet anywhere you go. We offer a wide variety of pet car seats for pet owners who don't want to leave their pets behind or simply don't have enough space in the car for pets during travel. I Ideal for smaller pets and some models giving them their own seat that would allow your pet to come along on trips when your car is full. Please feel free to browse our line of pet car seats so you can see all that is available at very affordable prices.
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Dog Car Seats
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Completely enclosed pet car seat keeps your pet where it belongs
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Dog Car Seat Articles
Top Tips For Buying the Right Dog Car Seat You wouldn’t dare drive your kids around unless their seat belts were firmly fastened, so why drive with the beloved family dog not safely secured? It might look cute when it’s got its ears flapping in the breeze out of the window, but if you had to make an emergency stop or are involved in an accident, Fido could be badly injured. A pet car seat will prevent your dog from roaming around while you’re trying to drive and help keep it safe. Learn More...

Dogs Get Injured in Car Accidents Too If your dog is always running wild in the car, you may want to consider using a car seat. This can help to protect your dog from car accident related injuries and help to eliminate the distractions that often cause accidents. Here at PetStreetMall, we have a number of car seats that will provide you with exactly what you need.Learn More...

Unrestrained Pets Can Cause Car Accidents If you’ve been thinking about protecting your dog while he’s in the car, then you should consider Pet Street Mall’s pet car seats. These pet car seats can actually prevent car accidents and minimize injuries. They have proven to be so effective, that many states are even implementing laws that require there use. Find out why pet car seats are becoming so popular here.Learn More...

Bringing Your Dog on the Road When traveling with a dog in the car it is important to be safe. Having a dog, small or large, loose in the car can be distracting and dangerous for everyone. Dogs should be restrained while in the car but we want to make sure they are comfortable as well. There are a number of ways to go about making a road trip safe and fun for everyone. Click Here to see how to make the best of your travels with canine companion by your side…
Dog Car Seat Information
We offer car seats for small to medium dogs. If you have a larger dog, please consider a dog seat belt. For feeding and watering you can use the convenient travel rack, which has a water bowl and food bowl. All of our car seats come in a variety of different fabrics to better match the interior of your vehicle. We recommend the use of a pet car seat, it provides safety and comfort for your dog while also elevating them so they can also see outside.

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