Critter Nation

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    • Assembly is quick and easy without any tools
    • Easily Maneuverable Stand with Locking Caster
    • Full Width Open and Removable Double Doors
    • Wide Expanse Shelf & Full Width Plastic Pan Floor
    • Multiple Attaching Points
    • Platinum Gray Hammertone Finish
    • Critter-Proof Door Latches
    • Large Adjustable Shelves with Toy/Bedding Anchor Points
    • Wire Ramps, and Easy-to-Clean and Remove Plastic Pans
    • Swing-Up Locking Ramps to Secure Sections for Cleaning Cage, Feeding & Separating Critters
    • Happy Feet Ramp Cover
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Critter Nation Single-Story
Size: 36"L x 24"W x 39"H / Weight: 59 lbs.
Regular Price - $279.99
Sale Price - $195.99

Critter Nation Double-Story
Size: 36"L x 24"W x 63"H / Weight: 97 lbs.

Regular Price - $474.99
Sale Price - $331.99

Scatter Guard Lower

Regular Price - $45.99
Sale Price - $31.99

Scatter Guard Upper

Regular Price - $42.99
Sale Price - $29.99

Privacy Cover (Compatible with the Ferret Nation 142, 162, & 182)

Regular Price - $42.99
Sale Price - $29.99

Exit Ramp for Ferret Nation (Compatible with the Ferret Nation 161, 162 181, & 182)

Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $8.99

Critter Nation Accessories

Shelf & Pan Covers

Play & Relax


Critter Nation Cage:

The Critter Nation is designed by Midwest especially for small animals. Since their ferret nation cage was such a success they improved upon that existing design to make the Critter Nation. Available in single and double models with special bar spacing and ramps angled just right for your small pets. Constructed with a durable square tube frame this cage is easy to assemble. The Platinum gray hammertone finish will blend in well with your homes existing décor.

Lockable wheels make moving the crate easy when needed and sturdy when in place. Features full width double doors allowing for greater accessibility. With a dual locking latch in place your pet will be secure inside, but the latches are simple enough that they can be opened or closed with one hand. The shelving height is adjustable and features plastic trays which can be quickly removed for cleaning. The roomy crate has plenty of room for any of our great accessories like the hammocks.

The Critter Nation is designed so that you can put it together without the use of any tools. This is done through the use of interlocking panels rather than all those tedious easy to lose parts like screws, nuts, or bolts. Single and double story models are available and is best suited for small pets such are rats, chinchillas, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and any other small pet.

  • Sturdy square tube frame and wire construction
  • 1/2" Horizontal Wire Spacing
  • Gray Quartz hammer tone finish
  • Full width double doors
  • Wide expanse shelf providing maximum play area and preventing dangerous falls Full width plastic pan floor
  • Critter proof dual-locking door latches
  • Angled ramps designed for pets safety
  • Easily maneuverable stand with locking casters
  • Multiple attaching points for accessories and toys
  • The double-story model features swing-up locking ramps to secure sections
  • Happy Feet Ramp Cover that protects feet, provides traction and no slip passage between levels
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