Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching Posts are essential to cats. With their natural tendency to sharpen claws on wood, furniture, and other household objects, a scratching post is one of best investments for your house. Divert your cat from tearing, ripping, and destroying your expensive, irreplaceable furniture with one of our durable Scratching Posts. We have the Largest Variety, the Lowest Prices, and Free Shipping on select Scratching Posts.

Cat Scratching Posts Information

Some pet owners do not wish to declaw their cats because it is their only defense mechanism. Cats that have had their claws removed are vulnerable and will not be able to provide protection for their selves. Declawing may not be an option for most pet owners because their cats are in/outside pets. Get your cat a Scratching Post and experience the difference.

Why do cats scratch? Cats scratch for many reasons. When cats scratch they are removing the outer dead layer, marking territory, stretching, and demonstrating dominance. Cats have glands in their paws that linger to signal that the territory is theirs. Scratching Posts give cats a designated area to scratch without demolishing your furniture. Our Cat Scratching Posts come in different sizes and colors so you can match it with your home interior.

Is a Scratching Post good for cats? Yes, Scratching Posts are one of the best things you can buy for your cat. A Scratching Post will stretch your cat’s body out and provide a sense of relaxations. When humans stretch, they feel completely rejuvenated; cats also feel this way. Stretching allows them to loosen tense muscles, tendons, and joints. A Stretching Post is relaxing, energizing, and stimulating to cats.

Training your cat to use a Scratching Post is simple: 1. Place your Scratching Post where your cat predominantly sleeps, relaxes, or even near objects that he/she commonly scratches at. 2. Cover inappropriate objects with textures that cats do not like, for example aluminum foil, sandpaper, or attach cotton balls with scents of perfume or muscle rub. 3. Once your cat is consistently using the Scratching Post than pet owners can slowly move it in the location they want.

Choose a Scratching Post that appeals to you because your cat is bound to love it. We offer both vertical and horizontal Scratching Posts that are stable and will give your cat the ability to stretch their body. Our Scratching Posts can also serve as a comfortable bed. Check out our complete line of Cat Scratching Posts Today. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on all orders over $50 – Save Today on a Cat Scratching Post!

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