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Cat Litter Pans and Litter Boxes are a must for cat owners. Cat Litter Pans and Litter Boxes offer a secluded area for your pet to make waste. Cat Litter Pans and Accessories are designed to reduce odor, dust, and make cleaning easier. Cats want a clean Litter Box and our feature pet products will help you maintain a clean, odor free Litter Box for your cat.

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Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System
The new Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System is the solution for eliminating litter. This Toilet Training System will teach your cat how to use your toilet.

SmartScoop Self Scooping Litter Box
The SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box was created because there was a need for a better litter box!

Cat Litter Box
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SmartScoop takes care of
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Accessories for the
SmartScoop Litter Box
Pine pellets absorb waste odors naturally leaving a pine scent
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Teach your cat to use a toilet
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Litter Scoops for
scooping up litter
Wicker litter box covers to
hide unsightly litter boxes
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Cat Litter Box Articles

Don't Flush Kitty Litter Down the Toilet - If you have an indoor cat, you are going to have to deal with the cat box. Many cat owners make the mistake of flushing the kitty litter from the box down the toilet. Unfortunately, this can clog your toilet and cause harm to sea mammals. If you want to find out the full story, check out our article here. Find out more here…

Risks of a Keeping a Dirty Litter Box - Although cats take incredible pride in their personal appearance with a daily cleaning regimen, there are things that your kitty isn’t able to clean up. Most cats are pretty responsible about burying their mess under a nice pile of litter, however it is still up to pet owners to make sure that the litter box is emptied regularly. A full and dirty litter box can quickly become a cesspool of bacteria. Click Here to learn why you need to clean the box consistently.

Cat Litter Pan and Litter Box Information

We offer a wide selection of Cat Litter Pans and Litter Boxes made from quality, durable materials to ease the chore of cleaning. Cat Litter Boxes come in a variety of styles that will eliminate odor, dust, and mess. We also carry many Accessories such as replacement waste bags, odor control sprays, replacement filters, scoops, and much more.

Pet Street Mall has everything that you will need for your cat's litter box; from Scoops to Automatic Pans and even Toilet Training Systems. We also offer Cat Box Covers to discreetly hide your pet's unsightly litter box. These Box Covers are appealing and can be used in the bathroom, on the patio, or any other areas around your home. The Wicker Cat Litter Box Cover can be easily placed over top of your cat's box to hide it from view. Our Cat Washroom can either be used as a place to hide your cat's box or a place for your pet to hide and sleep. For pet owners that want to have both style and function, Pet Street Mall recommends that you check out our stylish Cat Box Covers.

The Automatic Kitty Litter Pan is every pet owners dream, because it automatically picks up and places your cat's waste into a separate waste basket to make cleaning easier. The Automatic Kitty Litter Pan makes a rotation every hour to provide your cat with a fresh litter box essentially every time. Stop inhaling the litter dust as you clean and putting pressure on your lower back; with the Automatic Kitty Litter Pan you will be able to enjoy your cat and not their waste.

Pet owners can now begin training their cats to use the toilet with the new Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System. This Toilet Training System is perfect for pet owners that do not want to waste their time and spend hundreds of dollars on bags, litter, and deodorizers. By using this advanced Toilet Training System, you will be able to save both time and money by training your cat to use the toilet. Simply use the training seats and begin training. Your cat will no longer leave a trail of litter behind them or jump onto your furniture after stepping into their own waste. Start training your cat to use the toilet today and see for yourself just how much time and money you can save with the Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System.

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