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Cat Doors

Cat Doors and Cat Flaps will add a convenience to your home that every pet owner wants in their life. This amazing product of convenience will allow your pet the freedom to come in and out of the house without you having to constantly stop what you are doing to open the door for them. Not only are they inexpensive, but this product will quickly become a priceless item within your home. We offer both traditional and electronic Cat Doors and Cat Flaps at the Lowest Prices! Plus, you will receive Free Shipping on all orders over $50.

Cats are considered the most independent household pet. By installing a Door or Flap for your frisky feline to use will allow them access inside and outside of the home at their leisure. They also allow pet owners and their cats a sense of freedom and independence. We have a Huge Selection of Doors and Flaps that have been made by top manufactures and have the ability to be easily and quickly installed onto essentially any door.

We have a wide assortment of styles and sizes to best fit the needs of all pet owners and the precious kitty in their life. We offer everything from your traditional Flaps to electronic Doors. Many of the products we feature can be installed within minutes and will provide your kitty a lifetime of independence. Several of our Doors and Flaps can be locked to prevent your curious kitten from going out or entering when you do not want them to. Whether you need a Door for your patio screen or a Flap for any of the other doors within your home, you know that we have the perfect solution to meet the needs of you and your pet. Buy Now and Save Today!

Cat Doors

4 Way Locking Staywell Cat Flap 4 Way Locking
Staywell Cat Flap

  • In-Only, Out-Only, open and Locked
Starting at$29.99
Petsafe Cat Door PetSafe
Cat Door

  • For Interior Installation
  • two-way locking
Starting at $14.99
Deluxe Petsafe Cat Flap PetSafe Deluxe
Cat Flap

  • For Interior Installation with locking flap
Starting at $19.99
Screen Petsafe Cat Door PetSafe Screen
Cat Door

  • Installs in all plastic or metal screen doors
Starting at $22.99
Thermo Sash

  • Dual pane insulation
Starting at $399
PetSafe Pet Doors
Plastic Petsafe Cat Door PetSafe Plastic
Cat Door

Starting at $24.99
Petsafe Aluminum Cat Door PetSafe Aluminum
Cat Door

Starting at $39.99
Weatherproof Petsafe Cat Door PetSafe Weatherproof
Cat Door

Starting at$39.95
Electronic Petsafe Cat Door Electronic Petsafe
Cat Door

Starting at $94.95
Staywell and Endura Cat Door
Staywell 4 Way
Locking Flap

  • White Finish
  • Easy to Fit with
    Full Instructions
  • Lockable Panel
Starting at: $34.99
Staywell Plastic
Pet Door
  • White Finish
  • Easy to Fit with
    Full Instructions
  • Lockable Panel
Starting at: $18.99
Endura Wall
Mount Door

Single Flap
Double Flap Starting at: $289
Endura Door
Mount Door

Single Flap
Double Flap Starting at: $209
Cat Doors
Outdoor Cat or Indoor Cat? Why Not Both? Whether you live on acres of property or if you�re smack in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, it can be tempting to let your cat go outside to explore. Longing eyes, darting for any open door and pawing at windows are all obvious signs that your cat wants to go outside. For many indoor cats, it�s their dream to see what�s outside their living room. CLICK HERE to see how you can safely let your cat outdoors.
What To Look For in a Cat Door Cat doors are the easiest way of giving your kitty personal freedom to the yard whenever they feel like getting some fresh air. However, there are many different models, brands, styles and options of cat doors on the market, so how do you know which is best for you? Click Here to see the difference in popular cat doors that are on the market
Cat Door and Cat Flap Information

We offer Cat Doors and Cat Flaps from the world�s leading manufacturers of pet products such as; PetSafe, Staywell, and Ideal. We know the importance of wanting to keep your pet safe, which is why we only offer dependable products that will meet and exceed your expectations. Our Doors and Flaps come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors, to make sure you have plenty of options available to choose according to your needs and home d�cor. You and your precious kitty will surely enjoy the freedom that these Doors and Flaps will provide. Cat Doors and Cat Flaps truly provide a tremendous amount of value for all pet owners.

Choosing a Cat Door or a Cat Flaps is quite simple. First, you need to determine where you wish to place the Door or Flap. We offer a wide selection of Doors and Flaps that can be easily and quickly installed in walls, doors, and screen patios. Once you have decided on the desired location than you will be able to pick out the Door or Flap that will best serve your purpose for that particular area. Pet Street Mall also offers Weatherproof, Plastic and Aluminum, Electronic and Magnetic Doors or Flaps. If you live in an area that often experiences harsh weather conditions, we highly recommend purchasing either a Waterproof Door or an Insulated Door. We invite you to browse through our entire line of Cat Doors and Cat Flaps to find the one that will best meet all you pet needs.

When you shop with Pet Street Mall, you can count on us to have the Largest Selection at the Lowest Price!

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