Cat Beds

Cat Beds
Cat Beds provide a comfortable area for your kitty to relax and enjoy life. We offer a wide selection so that you can find the prrfect

cat bed

to match your home's décor and your cat's unique personality. Here you will find Heated Cat Beds that will provide the additional warmth that all cats long for. Browse through our wide selection and choose the one that will keep your kitten comfortable and cozy all year round.

Cats are very independent and enjoy having their own space that they can call their own. Cats are known for their long naps and their lack of energy. They spend a majority of their time sleeping and sun bathing, so it is important to provide them with a bed that will meet all their needs and desires. We carry a wide assortment of shapes, colors, and sizes so pet owners will be able to find a match for the interior of their home that suits the personality of their kitty. Do not forget to check out our thermo and heated beds, as every kitty desires a warm place to rest.

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Heated Kitty Sill Heated Kitty Sill
Cat Bed

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Outdoor Heated Kitty Mat Outdoor Heated
Kitty Mat

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Thermo-Kitty Orthopedic Cat Bed Thermo-Kitty
Orthopedic Cat Bed

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Thermo-Kitty Bed Orthopedic Cat Bed Thermo-Kitty
Orthopedic Cat Bed

Heated Kitty Sill Heated Kitty Sill
Cat Bed

Self Warming Kitty Sack Self Warming
Kitty Sack

Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse Heated Cat Bed Thermo-Kitty

Outdoor Heated Kitty A-Frame Outdoor Heated
Kitty A-Frame

Outdoor Heated Kitty House Outdoor Heated
Kitty House

Thermo-Kitty Nest Heated Cat Bed Thermo-Kitty Nest
Heated Cat Bed

Thermo-Kitty Heated Mat Thermo-Kitty
Heated Mat

Outdoor Heated<br />Kitty Pad Outdoor Heated
Kitty Mat

Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed
Deluxe Cat Bed Warmer Deluxe Cat
Bed Warmer

Cat Bed Articles
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Do Cats Dream? On average, cats sleep an unbelievable 16 hours per day. During 30% of this sleeping, they are usually in their own private dream world. But, what do cats dream about? And how do you know if your cat is dreaming? Well, come check out the answers here…
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The Best Places for Cat Naps Whether your cat curls up at the foot of your bed or on top of the TV, it can be frustrating to keep your kitty from snoozing in inconvenient places around your home. It’s common knowledge that cats will do as they please and are much more difficult to train than dogs, however, just because your cat is fussy doesn’t mean you can’t get them to snooze in a proper cat bed. Click Here to Find a Better Bed for Your Cat.
Is It Okay to Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed? Not surprisingly, many cat owners like to sleep with their cats in the bed. They are cute, soft, warm, and cuddly; it’s only natural. However, recent studies indicate that this might not be the healthiest practice. To find out why, check out our article here
Cat Bed Information

Cat Beds are simple in structure and design, but provide several benefits. We have chosen our complete line of Cat Beds that are made with quality materials from renowned manufacturers. With our vast selection that has everything from fully covered, partially covered, no coverage, heated, thermo, and much more, we know you will be able to accommodate every need and any style you seek. Treat the feline in your life to the most comfortable and relaxing Cat Bed on the market. Take advantage of our Low Prices and Free Shipping on all orders over $50!

Thermo and Heated Cat Beds are great buy for year round use, especially during the fall and winter months. Cats have a tendency to lie where they can get the most direct sunlight. Our Thermo and Heated Cat Beds are able to offer the warmth they seek in the cooler months without your lovable kitty feeling deprived from the sun. Heat will also ease arthritis and other joint pains. Keep your kitten warm and cozy with a Thermo or Heated Cat Bed today! We have the Widest Selection of Thermo and Heated Cats Beds in the market!

While you are deciding on the perfect bed for your precious kitty, rests assure that your frisky feline will be cozy the entire time they are lying on their new bed. We carry a variety of beds that are fully enclosed, tunneled, cave like, hammock style, and even kitty throws that will provide comfort for your kitten while they sleep peacefully. Many of the beds that we carry are able to be washed easily and will not require any special drying attention. We have pet beds that can be used indoors, outdoors, on your patio, in your garage, the barn, your RV, on the porch, and just about any place that you can think of. See for yourself our complete line of high quality Cat Beds.

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