It is reassuring to know that the ingredients for an "almost perfect" dog are available to any responsible dog owner.  You can enjoy the wonderful benefits of an "almost perfect" dog.  The ingredients are:

1. One clean bill of health.  You can help ensure this vital ingredient with current vaccinations and regular veterinary check ups.

2. One proper I.D.  Make sure your dog has a license and/or I.D. (dog tags, tattoo, canine microchip).

3. One well-nourished, well-exercised dog.  Feed your dog as recommended by your veterinarian, professional trainer or breeder.  Exercise your dog as often as possible.

4. One safe, secure, comfortable environment free from abuse and neglect.  If your dog spends much time outdoors, a well-insulated dog house in a fenced area should be provided.  Inside, a crate, (dog den) is recommended by most trainers.  Start crate training early - ask your veterinarian!

5. A full measure of time.  Time spent with your dog should include training flavored with reward, correction/positive reinforcement, petting grooming and exercise such as walking, playing, fetching, and just being with you and your family.

Missing ingredients result in behavior problems.  Over 60% of dogs in shelters are there as a result of behavior problems or lack of identification.