PetSafe is the most reputable name in the pet industry offering products that will keep your pet safe, secure, and comfortable. Check out our complete product line and take advantage of our Low Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

PetSafe has devoted countless hours in research and studies to provide the best products on the market for pet owners. Using only the finest, most durable and reliable materials, they're confident that every product will exceed pet owner’s expectations. Keep your furry friends safe with a fence, warm with a heated pet bed, and enjoying the comforts of being a pet with

PetSafe Pet Supplies


Pawz Away Spray Deterrent
PetSafe Stay + Play
Wireless Dog Fence
  • Range 210 ft. circle
  • 5 Correction levels, tone
  • Pets over 5 lbs
Fence System starts at $299.95 NEW IN STOCK!
PetSafe Dog Fence
  • Range 180 ft. circle
  • 5 Correction levels
  • 2.5 oz Reciever weight
Fence System starts at $259.95
Little Dog
PetSafe Pet Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 4 adjusting levels
  • Dogs 6 lbs and over
Fence System starts at $209.95
Cat Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 4 Correction levels
  • Collar stretches for safety
Fence System starts at $189.95
PetSafe Indoor Containment Click here for ALL Indoor Containments
Scat Mat
System starts at $79.99
Ultrasonic Remote
Trainer PUPT-100
  • Ultrasonic Sound
  • 30 Foot Range
  • Indoors and Outdoors
Starts at $29.99
Deluxe Little Dog
Training Collar
  • Dog Size -- 15-40lbs
  • Collar Size -- 10"-20"
  • 100 Yard Range
Starts at $87.95
$30 FREE Batteries
with Purchase
PetSafe Deluxe Big
Dog Training Collar
  • Dogs 40+ lbs.
  • 100 yard range
  • 10 Correction Levels
Starts at $97.95
$30 FREE Batteries
with Purchase
Innotek Spray
  • Safe and effective
  • Can be used for training with the positive sound reinforcement
Starts at $129.95
Elite Little Dog Trainer
  • 400 yards
  • For Dogs 8 to 40
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable
Starts at $149.99

PetSafe Bark Collars & Bark Control Click here for ALL Bark Collars
Petsafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Collar Petsafe Deluxe Little
Dog Bark Collar
  • Customize skin colors
  • For Dogs up to 55lbs
  • "Perfect Bark" technology
Starts at $89.95
Big Dog Bark
Collar PBC00-11047
  • Waterproof collar
  • Light-Touch correction
  • Neck sizes up to 34"
Starts at $99.95
Deluxe Bark Control
Collar PDBC-300
  • For Dogs 15-120lbs
  • 18 Correction Levels
  • Water resistant
Starts at $67.95
No Bark Control
Collar PBC-102
  • For Dogs 15-120 lbs
  • 6 Correction Levels
  • Lightweight collar
Starts at $29.95
RechargableBark Collar
Innotek BC-200
  • For Dogs 15-200 lbs
  • 7 Correction Levels
  • Waterproof
Starts at $89.95
Ultra Sonic Bark Control PetSafe Ultra Sonic
Bark Control
  • 25 foot range
  • No collar needed
Sale Price $26.95
Elite Outdoor Bark Control Elite Outdoor
Bark Control
  • Programmable timer
  • 50 foot bark detection
Sale Price $52.69
Outdoor Ultrasonic
Bark Control
  • 4 levels of operation
  • 50 foot range
  • Ultrasonic Sound
Starts at $41.95
Vibration Bark CollarVibration
Bark Collar
  • Vibration interupts barking
  • 10 vibration combinations
  • Waterproof
Priced at $59.95

PetSafe Plastic
Freedom Dog Door
Door starts at $24.99
PetSafe Aluminum
Freedom Pet Door

Door starts at $39.99
PetSafe Extreme
Weather Dog Door

Door starts at $39.95
PetSafe SmartDoor
Door starts at $71.95
PetSafe Cat Flap Door starts at $14.99
PetSafe Deluxe Cat Flap Door starts at $19.99
PetSafe Pet Screen Door Door starts at $22.99
PetSafe Patio Pet Doors
PetSafe Patio Door White Patio Door starts at $229.99 Energy conserving flap system reduces energy loss in winter and summer.
PetSafe Patio Door Bronze Patio Door starts at $239.99 Unique self-adjusting design for an easy installation with no cutting required.
OutDoor Pet Barrier

Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier

  • Transmitter is disguised as a rock and blends into any landscape
  • Wireless option protects area up to 16 ft. in diameter
  • Create a custom shaped barrier using up to 150 ft. of boundary wire
Outdoor Pet Barrier starts at $94.95
PetSafe Spray Deterrent
Pawz Away Spray Deterrent

  • Keep your pet from claiming your favorite chair or getting into the trash.
  • Adjustable Range 18" or 3 ft away.
  • Detects motion and uses and Safe and Effective Spray.
Spray Deterrent starts at $27.95
PetSafe Pet Feeders
Petsafe 2 Meal Feeder Starts at $24.99
PetSafe Articles
PetSafe: The #1 Name in Pet Products PetSafe is a name synonymous with pet care products that are high on both quality and value for money. All of its products are developed by pet lovers for pet lovers and each new product is rigorously tested with real pets and their owners before being put into production to ensure it will come up to PetSafe's discerning standards. Find out more about PetSafe and its wonderfully pet-friendly products here...

Buyer's Guide: Stay + Play vs. PIF300 Wireless Fences
The PetSafe PIF300 Wireless Containment System is one of the best-selling invisible fences on the market. Easy to setup, easy to use and ideal for keeping pets safely contained and out of harm’s way, the PIF300 is an excellent system. But they have developed a new model – the Stay + Play Wireless Fence – and we’ve put it head to head with the PIF300 to see which is the better buy. Find out more here...

Product Review – PetSafe Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Collar
The sound of a passing car, a loud noise on the television… if your dog is forever barking at the slightest provocation then you’ve probably considered getting a bark collar. Bark collars are proven and effective devices for training a dog not to bark and they require very little input form the pet’s owner. We review the innovative PetSafe Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Collar here.

PetSafe Adds To Its Legacy With New Pet Innovations Whether you are looking for a quality dog fence, a new pet patio door or a dog training collar, the name PetSafe is sure to pop up if you’re looking for the best. Since 1991, the company has produced leading products for cats and dogs, however, there is a lot more to the company than their pet innovations. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Wireless Dog Fences Keep Pups Close & Safe Dogs naturally love the outdoors. So much so, that they let their curious noses lead them almost anywhere. Unfortunately, that can present dangerous situations for our four-legged friends. Whether it’s cars or other dogs, keeping pups close to home helps give peace of mind to dog owners. CLICK HERE to learn more about how Wireless Dog Fences can help keep your dog close without the need for an actual fence.

PetSafe Information

PetStreetMall has been supplying pet owners with top-manufacturers and quality products for over a decade. We are proud to offer products that will keep your pet safe, healthy and comfortable. We are honored to carry the highest recommended, extremely durable and dependable products from PetSafe.

PetSafe was founded in 1991, introducing the first electric fence into the market. They quickly became established and grew into the leader in the pet supply industry. As the name implies, each product is completely safe for your pet and offer the upmost protection, keeping your four-legged friends safe and secure. PetSafe is the number one most preferred and recommended company for pet owners, veterinarians, and professional trainers. When you see products stamped with the PetSafe brand, you know it is made from quality materials that are safe. Their fences are considered the most reliable fences on the market. PetSafe offers wireless and in-ground (underground) systems that will keep your pet in a designated area. The fences are effective, efficient, safe, humane, and inexpensive. Some great features of these fense includes: adjustable static levels, low battery indicator, tone only correction, surge protection and much more. Browse through our complete line and chose a fence that fits your needs.

PetSafe collars will assist in the training of your pet. These collars come in various sizes and offer multiple levels of stimulation. The collars are available in static, ultrasonic and spray; this allows pet owners to choose the method that is most appropriate to their pet’s needs and their attitude. Stop the nuisance barking, digging, chewing, and jumping with a training or bark collar. Turn your misbehaved pet into an obedient and well-behaved pet within a matter of weeks.

We're excited to provide you with the best in the industry. These products are used by professional trainers, veterinarians, and everyday pet owners (like you). PetSafe provides pet owners with solutions to eliminate digging, barking, jumping, chewing, and many more bad habits. They also keeps your pet away from roads and off neighbor’s yards with their dog fences. Their heated pet beds are great for fall and winter months as well as for pets that suffer from arthritis and other joint aches and pains.

With their specialty in protecting, teaching, and keeping your pet healty, we ensure you that you are getting the best on the market whether you choose a pet doors, pet feeders, bed, indoor containment, bark collar, training collar, or fence.

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