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Pet Beds offer a comfortable place for your pet to relax, sleep, cuddle in and call thier own. Pet Street Mall has a wide selection of colors, shapes, styles, and fabrics to suit every season. All from top manufacturers and designers so that you will find the perfect

pet bed

to match your home décor and fit any sized pet. Here you will find a wide variety of quality beds for your pet at Low Prices with Free Shipping on orders over $50. Provide your dog or cat with the most a comfortable place that they can relax, sleep, and daydream in.
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Heated Dog Bed Heated Dog Beds
A Heated Dog Bed have a heated feature that will keep your pets warm and cozy during cold months.
Beds Starting at $ 42.99
Outdoor Dog Bed Outdoor Dog Beds
An Outdoor Dog Beds keep your pet comfortable when outside.
Beds Starting at $ 69.95
Rectangle Dog Bed Rectangle Dog Beds
A Rectangle Dog Bed is great for corners and niches.
Beds Starting at $ 37.99
Round Dog Bed Round Dog Beds
A Round Dog Bed is a plush mound of softness for pets to sleep on.
Beds Starting at $ 44.99
Orthopedic Dog Bed Orthopedic Dog Beds
An Orthopedic Dog Bed will help prevent your pets from arthritis and relieve any soreness.
Beds Starting at $ 52.99
Bolster Dog Bed Bolster Dog Beds
A Bolster Dog Bed is great for providing a cozy, secure place for your pet to call their own.
Beds Starting at $ 40.99
Pet Nests Pet Nests
Pet Nests provide your dog or cat comfort, security, and a place to rest all in one cozy bed.
Beds Starting at $ 22.99
Nap Pads Nap Pads
Nap Pads are great for around the home or when traveling. Provide your dog or cat a pad for their naps.
Beds Starting at $ 16.99
Cooling Dog Bed Cooling Dog Beds
A Cooling Dog Bed will help your pet beat the heat during hot months.
Beds Starting at $ 49.95
Chew Proof Dog Bed Chew Proof Dog Beds
A Chew Proof Dog Bed is great for dogs who tend to destroy their bed.
Beds Starting at $ 99.99
Unheated Cat Bed Classics
Pet Beds Articles
Fighting Fleas Starts When Your Pet is Asleep Flea problems can be an upsetting situation for you and your cat or dog. On one hand you feel terrible that your pet is always feeling itchy from their bites and on the other, you are grossed out that these insects are likely crawling around your home. CLICK HERE to learn about the best flea-resistant pet beds for your cat or dog.
Giving Your Pooch a Place To Snooze Outside When your dog goes outside, his tail will be wagging for hours. However, after his energy starts to subside and he’s gotten a drink of water, it’s time for them to get some rest. Sleeping in the grass outside can promote fleas and ticks, plus you’ll have to give your pooch a bath right after, too. CLICK HERE to see how outdoor dog beds can benefit your pup.
Searching For The Most Unique Pet Beds There are some cats and dogs that are ‘cut from a different cloth.’ Whether you have a Scaredy Cat that likes to hide under the sofa or if you have a wacky dog that can never sit still, it’s comforting to know that our pets can be as unique as anyone else. Because our pets can be so different, it makes sense to have a bed that embraces their different personalities. Learn More

Pet Beds come in a wide variety of sizes, fabric, colors and functions. We offer beds that warm, cool and offer comfort to your pet. Our pet beds are great for homes, travel, cars, RV and much more. All made with top quality materials to give your pet years of comfort and relaxation unlike other brands. We carry a full line to choose from for your cat or dog. We have every size possible as well as every color. We have pet beds for indoor use as well as outdoor, for the new puppy or the dog in his/her senior years. If it is hot or cold outside we have what you need. Several of our featured beds can be easily washed so your home will continue to smell fresh and clean.

Pet beds take very little room and can be place anywhere within the home. Because we carry a wide selection you will find a pet bed to fit any home decor you may have. The most popular areas to place your Pet Bed is in the bed room away from walking pathways and in the living room. Just like you some dogs will perfer a quiet, less traffic areas to take a nap.

Warming beds are popular during the fall and winter month. Every outside dog needs a bed to keep them warm and comfortable. Although dogs have fur, it is not enough to keep their body warm. It is critical to provide your dog, cat, or any other animals with the proper warming devices so they will not get sick or even die. When it is not cold outside you can just unplug your warming dog bed and it acts like any other pet bed. These types of beds are not just for cold weather. Warming Pet Beds can also be used for pets that suffer from arthritis, joint pain, or recently had surgery.

Cooling pet beds are just as important as warming pet beds. Animals naturally have a layer of fur that will heat up there body. With extremely high temperatures, your pet’s can quickly overheat, dehydrate, and cause severe illnesses and even death. Our cooling beds provides a comfortable area for your pet to lay, relax and escape from the intense heat. A Cooling Pet Bed will provide your pet with a sense of comfort at an affordable price.

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