Mouse Cages

The two story mouse cage features:
  • Two story cage
  • Top opening door
  • Assorted colors
  • Pull out drawer and removable grille for easy cleaning
  • 1 exercise wheel
  • 1 platform
  • 1 ladder
  • 1 house
  • 5/16" bar spacing

  • Your mouse will love all of the mouse cages we have to offer. Whether your looking for a mouse cage, or an aquarium topper, we have what your looking for. Pet parents of mice use both aquariums and wire cages. Its know that the ammonia builds up more in aquariums than wire cages. Which is why we recommend a wire cage. However, if you are already using an aquarium you can buy our high rise for mice. This will make the aquarium more ventilated and provide your mouse with more space. Our high rises for mice that will fit any 10 or 20 gallon tank.

    Mice love climbing and exploring, so more levels are always better. When choosing a cage, make sure to include an exercise wheel. Mice will run on exercise wheels for hours, and will keep them entertained. All of our wire cages include an exercise wheel for your convenience.

    Mice are social animals and will enjoy living in a mouse cage with more than one mouse. Female mice should never be housed by themselves. Two to five mice per cage is the recommended amount to prevent fights. This is of course all mice are spayed or neutered, or only females are in the cage.

    Mouse cages should provide levels since mice love to climb. Most of our mouse cages have levels, and all of them have exercise wheels. Mice need lots of exercise so its important that your mouse cage has one. The blue two story mouse cage and red three story mouse cage have accessories like a water bottle, exercise wheel with solid sides, huts, platforms and climbing tubes. These mouse cages come with special cleaning systems. They have attached grilles and snap off bases for easy cleaning. You can leave your mouse in the cage with the attached grille, snap off the bottom and clean the base. This makes cleaning a snap and you don't even have to take your mouse out of its cage.

    The one, two, and three story assorted color mouse cages have another type of cleaning system. These mouse cages use pans and detachable grilles. You can leave the grille in so you can empty the pan while the mouse is in the cage. Or you can remove the grille and take the mouse out when you take out the pan. Nevertheless, cleaning is still easy by simply removing the pan.

    The high rise mouse cage is great for adding on to any 10 or 20 gallon aquarium. This provides proper ventilation that an aquarium alone will not. The ammonia builds up in aquariums because of their solid sides and closed off top. A high rise mouse cage will give the aquarium a lot more air and allow your mouse to get up out of the aquarium and lounge in the fresh air. Not only do aquariums smell bad to you when they build up ammonia, but they smell bad for your mouse and its not good for their health. High rise mouse cages get rid of that, give your mouse more space, and entertainment. The levels will provide fun and exercise for you mouse that it did no have before. High rise mouse cages are great if your using an aquarium as your mouses' home.

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