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Featured Hamster Cage
The two story hamster cage features:
  • Two story cage
  • Top opening door
  • Assorted colors
  • Pull out drawer and removable grille for easy cleaning
  • 1 exercise wheel
  • 1 platform
  • 1 ladder
  • 1 house
  • 5/16" bar spacing
  • Hamster cages are very important when owning a hamster, because this is where they will spend their time. There is no such thing as a cage too big for a hamster, but you do have to be careful about bar spacing. Hamster cage bar spacing should be no more than a 1/2 inch. Your hamsters cage should contain an exercise wheel. In the wild hamsters have to travel long distance to find food, so you have to make up for that with an exercise wheel. For your convenience all of our hamster cages come with exercise wheels. It is important that you let your hamster out of its cage for exercise, but you also need to keep them safe. That is why we recommend playpens, available here.

    Cleaning is very important with hamster cages. Choosing which kind of cleaning method your prefer will determine what kind of hamster cage you need. We have hamster cages with snap off bases and hamster cages with pull out pans. The hamster cages with snap off bases are easy to clean and you can leave your hamster inside while you clean the base since there is an attached grille. With pull pan hamster cages, the grill is detachable. This means that when you pull the pan out, there will be a space where the pan used to be. If you leave in the grille, you can leave your hamsters in the cage while you clean the pan. If you take out the grille, you need to take out the hamsters as well.

    Cleaning also includes cleaning the entire hamster cage, not just where hamsters deposit their waste. We suggest purchasing a spare hamster cage for cleaning time so you know they will be safe. This spare cage can be smaller than their normal one since you don't plan on leaving them in there very long. The blue two story hamster cage and red three story hamster cage both have snap off bases. This means you can leave your hamster in the cage when you take the base off to clean it. The attached bottom grille makes sure the hamster can not escape. The one, two, and three story hamster cages in assorted colors have pull out pans.

    Another option is to use the high rise hamster cage. Just simply attach the high rise hamster cage to any 10 or 20 gallon aquarium and you have expanded space and better ventilation. The reason most pet parent don't use aquariums for their hamsters is aquariums don't have proper ventilation and become very stinky very quickly. With wire cages you don't have to worry about that. Adding the high rise hamster cage to an aquarium would allow the air to flow better. The aquarium would still hold all the hamster waste and bedding though. Giving a hamster that lives in an aquarium a high rise hamster cage would make him very happy. The extra space and fun levels would give him entertainment and exercise. If you think your hamsters aquarium smells bad, imagine what it smells like to him. Not only can this just smell bad, but it can cause illness. With the high rise hamster cage you'll greatly reduce that by providing better ventilation.

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