Guinea Pig Cages

Featured Guinea Pig Cage
  • White/Blue
  • Tubular steel stand
  • 6 1/2" Deep plastic pan
  • Removable grille
  • 2 Large opening doors
  • Rolling caster stand
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  • Welcome to the guinea pig cage section. Here you will find the safest, and highest quality guinea pig cages on the market today at the lowest prices. You will be surprised by the low cost and high quality of our guinea pig cages. Browse through our guinea pig cages, and we're sure you'll find what your looking for.

    Guinea Pig Cages
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    When purchasing a guinea pig cage, its wise to invest in the largest cage you have room for. There is no such thing as a cage that is too large for guinea pig. The larger the guinea pig cage, the happier the guinea pig will be. Since your guinea pig will be spending most of its time in its cage you want to make sure it is comfortable.

    Most of our guinea pig cages have been designed with easy cleaning in mind. Since your guinea pig will be spending most of its time in its cage, you want to make sure its clean. Most of our guinea pig cages use a grid and pan system so that waste can fall through the grid and into the pan. Since the waste falls into the pan, your guinea pig won't have to sit and play in it.

    Make sure to take into consideration how many access points you want. This will be based on where you plan to put your guinea pig cage in your home. Will you want a top door? Side doors? Remember that this is not only to get your guinea pig out of the guinea pig cage, but for cleaning also.

    How you want to clean your guinea pig cage is another thing to think about. Do you want to keep your guinea pig in its cage while you clean? Maybe use a bottom that snaps off while the grid remains attached to the guinea pig cage. Do you want a pan that just slides out with all the waste? Or just take the top off and clean a solid base guinea pig cage? These are all things to think about so you can plan the placement and cleaning of your guinea pig cage so it is not difficult. We offer all of these options in our guinea pig cage selection.

    The blue single and two story guinea pig cages have snap off bottoms. This means that your guinea pig can stay in its cage while you snap the bottom of and clean it. Don't forget that even with pans and snap off bottoms to dispose of waste, you'll need to thoroughly clean the guinea pig cage once a month. This means cleaning the bars and any platforms and ladders.

    All of the deluxe and metal guinea pig homes have pull out pans. The tub guinea pig cages and guinea pig cage with stand have solid bottoms. Some pet parents prefer solid bottoms for their guinea pig cage.

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