Gerbil Cages

Our Featured Gerbil Cage
The two story gerbil cage features:
  • Two story cage
  • Top opening door
  • Assorted colors
  • Pull out drawer and removable grille for easy cleaning
  • 1 exercise wheel
  • 1 platform
  • 1 ladder
  • 1 house
  • 5/16" bar spacing
  • We carry only safest and highest quality cages for your gerbil. All of our gerbil cages come with exercise wheels. We offer single story, two story, and three story gerbil cages. Many of our gerbil cages are offered in a variety of colors.

    Gerbil Cages in Assorted Colors are single story cages with a top opening door. To make cleaning easy it has a removable bottom grille and pull out drawer. To keep your gerbil healthy, this gerbil cage also includes a exercise wheel.

    High Rise for Gerbils is a great way to get more ventilation to your gerbil if your using an aquarium. Plus, your gerbil will have more room of course. The high rise for gerbils is a great addition for any 10 or 20 gallon aquarium. Your gerbil will love running up and down the ramps and resting on the platforms. The high rise gerbil cage allows you to expand your current aquariums size. You still use the aquarium as the bottom of the gerbil cage.

    The three story gerbil cage in assorted colors has a top opening door for easy access and tons of accessories. It includes an exercise wheel, two platforms, two ladders, and a house. For easy cleaning it has a removable bottom grille and a pull out drawer.

    There is a difference when cleaning some of our gerbil cages. Some gerbil cages have pull out pans, while others have snap off bases. With a snap off base gerbil cage the waste falls through an attached grille into the snap off base. When it comes time to clean the gerbil cage, you don't need to remove your gerbil. Just snap off the base, and clean it. With pull pan gerbil cages, they have detachable grilles. This means you can keep your gerbil cage grille in place if you don't want your gerbil up off of the bottom of its cage. If you want to remove the grille, you can and your gerbil will have the bedding you put on the bottom as a floor. However, when cleaning, you pull out the pan. If your gerbil cage has the grille in place, there is no need to remove your gerbil. However, if the grille is not in place you will need to put your gerbil in a safe place. Your gerbil can escape from the space the pan leaves when you pull it out. The red three story gerbil cage and blue single story gerbil cage have snap off bases. Cages with pull out pans are the single story, two story, and three story gerbil cages in assorted colors.

    When determining what to place in your gerbils cage, you need a water bottle first. Some of our gerbil cages come equipped with water bottles already like the blue two story gerbil cage and red three story gerbil cage. Next you'll need a running wheel. All of our gerbil cages provide running wheels. Gerbils use sand to clean themselves, so you'll want to give them a box full of sand, or chinchilla dust bath. Next you'll need toys for entertainment, most of our gerbil cages provide platforms. You may want to play a toilet paper tube in your gerbil cage for entertainment also.

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