Wood Dog Gates Are Dynamic

When people are shopping for a wood dog gate, they often look for a gate that is adjustable. Gates that are versatile give owners a variety of options for their house and keeping their pet safe.

The Convertible Elite Pet Gate
The best adaptable dog gate on the market today is the Convertible Elite Pet Gate. This gate comes with six different adjustable panels (or four panels if you opt for the smaller version) that allow you to alter the gate to meet your specific needs. The Convertible Elite is great for lengthy open spaces in your house that can often be difficult to block off. Also adding to its versatility, the Convertible Elite can adjust into a play pen that can contain your dog if the need arises. This is possible because each panel on the gate locks in at 90 degree or 180 degree angles to help create different shape variations. The Convertible Elite also has 1 1/8 inch spaces in between wire slates that help to keep the dog from escaping. This dog gate also comes in black and autumn matte, which is helpful for finding something that will fit into your home decor scheme.

The Convertible Elite Pet Gate can be shaped in a variety of ways and is great for any dog owner.

Dynamic Accents
In competition with Richell, Dynamic Accents is also one of the premier wood dog gate companies. Dynamic Accents is located in Ohio and all of their handmade products are constructed in the U.S.A. The wooden dog gates made by this company are put together using a mortise and tenon construction, which means no nails, screws, or anything that will diminish the gate's sleek look.

The Highlander Series is one of the best wooden gates on the market today!

Highlander Series Walk-Through Free Standing Gate
One of the best products offered by Dynamic Accents is the Highlander Series Walk-Through Free Standing Gate. comes in both 3 panel and 5 panel options. Each gate is made without the use of nails, screws, or pins. This is particularly amazing because each gate variation comes with a door that swings open, which allows for easy access for pet owners. Instead of using nails or screws, these gate panels rotate on a dual action hinge that allows you to attach the back and top panels with the included fasteners. The 5 panel version of this gate is also capable of folding up and can be used as a dog pen! As far as home decor goes, this gate is also great! The Highlander Series comes in three different color options: Artisan Bronze, Mahogany, and Black. These different options will help you find a match for your house.

By: Tim Snyder
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