Wireless Dog Fence FAQ

A wireless pet fence lets dogs enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle without the need for constant supervision
Will a wireless dog fence hurt or shock my dog?
No. This is the most common misconception regarding wireless pet fences. The collar sends a correction signal to the dog in the form of either an aural tone, or a static pulse. The pulse is similar to the static electricity you feel when you run your fingers across the screen of a television.

Is a wireless dog fence easy to install?
Yes. Unlike in-ground fences there is no digging and burying of wires involved. Most wireless fence users have their systems installed, setup and running within an hour.

Is training a dog to use a wireless fence easy?
Generally yes. A stubborn dog will take slightly longer to train, but most dogs can be fully trained to use a wireless dog fence within a week or so. The training process is also a nice excuse for you to spend time bonding with your dog!

Training a dog to use a wireless fence is easy and fun

Will a wireless pet fence work anywhere?
No. Like any device that relies on radio signals, such as your cell phone, a wireless fence will not work well in certain environments. Large metal objects (aluminum siding, metal roof) or densely wooded areas can interfere with a wireless fence's signal and prevent it from functioning properly. If you think your property might not be suitable for a wireless fence ask the advice of a pet care specialist first.

Will a wireless pet fence contain more than one dog?
Yes it will. A wireless fence will contain as many dogs as you like, provided each has its own receiver collar.

Some dogs are too headstrong and won't obey a wireless fence's signals
Will a wireless dog fence work with any dog?
No. Certain willful breeds of dogs and individual dogs who are particularly headstrong are less likely to obey the warning and correction signals sent by a wireless fence. Once again, seek the advice of a specialist if you have any questions.

Are wireless fences expensive to buy?
No. A wireless fence costs about the same as a quality in-ground pet fence and anything that keeps your precious pets safe is worth its weight in gold.

Is a wireless pet fence expensive to run?
No. The base unit uses an extremely low amount of electricity and the collar's batteries should last a couple of months once a dog has been trained with the fence. Buying a wireless fence with a rechargeable collar is even more cost effective.

Is the wireless dog fence a new thing - can I trust the technology?
Of course you can. The first wireless dog fence was patented back in 2001 and much of the technology used in any pet fence was first developed in the early 1970s when the first in-ground invisible fence was patented.

Can I take my wireless fence with me if I go on vacation or move house?
Yes. A wireless fence is completely portable and unlike in-ground fences can be taken just about anywhere. Providing you have a power source you can setup a wireless fence to protect your dog no matter where you are.

By John Bone
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