Wicker Dog Crates Will Improve Your House's Look

Wicker is Creating Waves in Interior Design

Certain dog crates just don't look as good if they are in your living room.

Throughout the years, wicker has been found in the worlds most powerful regions. The woven fiber that makes up pieces of wicker furniture was used by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and by the kings of Rome. To this day, wicker is still considered a symbol of comfort and style. Elaine Markoutsas of the Baltimore Sun writes, "What's distinctive about today's woven furniture is its emphasis on comfort... The latest woven designs are sink-in comfortable, stylish and sometimes urbane." Later in the article, Marktoutsas goes on to chronicle the extensive and expensive wicker collection found in the homes of many style icons, including Ralph Lauren. The popularity and accommodating spirit of wicker has become so in vogue that dog crate manufacturers are now picking up on it and are supplying wicker dog crates for dog owners.

Incorporate a Wicker Dog Crate

For many people, building the interior of a home is a project that takes care, effort, and taste. But this task can become even more difficult if you have a pet. Everybody assumes that sacrifices must be made to the home's look if you are a dog owner. They believe that trying to build an envious house is impossible because you have to make sure that your dog has his metal dog crate and the other items he needs. Well, this is not true if you know what to look for. At Pet Street Mall, we are now offering Wicker Dog Crates! These wicker dog crates are guaranteed to provide your dog with the love and care that he needs while still keeping your house looking great.

The Pet Residence

Wicker dog crates are perfect for keeping your home looking stylish, while still providing your pup with the love and support that he needs.

Currently, one of the most ascetically appealing dog crates on the market is the Pet Residence. The Pet Residence is classy, stylish, and exudes a sense of comfort that will put your dog at ease and make him want to use his crate. In addition to style, the Pet Residence is extremely durable and strong. The Rhino wicker is a design that does not absorb fluids or odors, which will help to ensure that your dog crate will last. This crate also features strong, secure latches that lock-in on the inside of your crate. Further enhancing its seamless integration into the house, the Pet Residence has feet that hold its elevated base, which helps to prevent your floor from being scratched. Undoubtedly, the Pet Residence is a crate that can give you everything you need without sacrificing the look of your home.

If you have any further questions about wicker dog crates or any other pet product, feel free to e-mail or call us at Pet Street Mall anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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